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Eliott Avery

Eliott is a beautiful soul who runs at his own grounded pace in life. His heart isopen to all and he frequently holds space with those who enjoy healing, creativity, and sharing. An amazing journeyman, Eliott has the ability to produce powerful states of trance with his music and just being around him is relaxing, warm and fun.

Like all the team here at Didgeridoo Breath, Eliott is a character with a desire to expand his abilities and walk the unending path of learning especially exploring music. He has a great laugh and is always keen on a jam so come on in and meet him!

Joined the Team: 2011

Started playing didgeridoo: 2011

Instruments played: The voice & throat singing, percussion of all types, namely hand drums, shakers and rattles, guitar, morin khuur, birembau, guimbri, and of course Didgeridoo.

Food: anything made with love..

Country: Mamma Africa.!