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Heartland Didgeridoos by Tynon

About Tynon and Heartland Didgeridoos

There is no doubt about it, Tynon is an incredible didgeridoo craftsman.

We were lucky enough to take a trip to the east coast of Oz to spend some time with Tynon.

He took us on a full depth discovery tour of his crafting space and process.

Tynon has been making didgeridoos since 1993 with a fulltime didgeridoo making brother and a didge playing father and family. Tynon ticks all the boxes regarding his philosophies, sensitivities, standards and practices in didgeridoo collecting, storing, crafting, coating, painting and selling.

Tynon puts amazing efforts into ensuring the sustainable and authorised collection of logs. He knows about drying methods, times and conditions to minimise potential cracking. He also uses an age-old method of molten beeswax coating the inside of each didgeridoo. Tynon is a man who is heart-fully passionate about crafting high quality didgeridoos.

Tynon knows every didgeridoo he makes personally. He spends hours working, massaging, shaping and finishing every instrument. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither are any of Tynon's didgeridoos. We saw and played a number of incredible instruments which he had been working on for months, some even years, little by little, not for sale yet, no rush, just his pursuit of excellence.

Tynon has an ability to make you feel welcome and important. He shares openly, passionately and with integrity. These traits have earned him great respect amongst the didgeridoo community.

When you purchase your Tynon didgeridoo, you are purchasing a high quality, finely hand-crafted instrument.