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Stix Didgeridoos by Robbie Hantelmann

There are a select collection of master-crafted didgeridoos that cast a spell on all who look upon them. The way their finish catches your eye, the clarity and power of their sound is spine tingling, the ease of play is alluring, the attention to all details is without question...

We are talking of course, about.....

Stix Didgeridoos - The ultimate in high quality instruments

Why not let our customers tell you about Stix didgeridoos!

"I wish I'd had something like this 2 years ago"
"Plays so easily, its like its doing all the work itself"
Charlie, Ireland - Stix Didgeridoo Owner

"The quality of workmanship is immediately apparent"
"This will really accelerate my learning curve"
Jerry, USA - Stix Didgeridoo Owner

"It looks GREAT, what a beauty!"
Andreas, Germany - Stix Didgeridoo Owner

"The real deal"
"Love the look, the weight, the feel, the smell and THE SOUND"
Jason, Canada - Stix Didgeridoo Owner

"Absolutely brilliant, can't fault it, superb. I am so pleased with, not only the didge, but also the fantastic service you guys offer"
"I own a couple of Gurruwiwi Yidaki, and although they are great instruments, the Stix takes the didge to another level"
Chris, UK - Stix Didgeridoo Owner

Haven't seen a Stix Didge before? Check out Sanshi's video with a Stix Didge below: