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Hello my name is Elliot and I am extremely passionate about making and playing didgeridoos!!

I select, cut and finish my didges all here in Western Australia from the beautiful Mallee Eucalyptus that spread across the Goldfields region of South West Australia. I love going bush and spending time in Mallee country where the owners of this land have walked for many thousand of years. I have received permission to cut from a local elder and I also select only hollows and use sustainable methods and old school tools when cutting.

I play didgeridoo in bands and this has made me aware of the necessity of being in key, so I try and make sure all my didges are tuned to key. I have also been experimenting using different frequencies to harness the power of this amazing instrument and find their perfect pitch.

I only want to sell didges that I am very happy with and would perform with, which can make selling them hard sometimes. I am trying to use some different design techniques that I haven't seen before to make each instrument unique. ellswood didgeridoos are also coated and protected inside and out for a long life and great sound.

Enjoy and happy didgin' :)