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The Didgeridoo Today
Last Updated: 09/01/2009
The Didgeridoo Today

Today, traditional aboriginal custodians of the didgeridoo, teach the didgeridoo Master Class at the annual Garma Festival in the Northern Territory. Every year they share the didgeridoo by teaching men and women from around the world to play. World renowned didgeridoo maker, player and traditional elder of the Yolngu people, Djalu Gurruwiwi, attends international didgeridoo festivals to teach the didgeridoo and expose others to the wonderful instrument used in their culture.

This willingness to share traditional didgeridoo song with people from other cultures has been embraced and carried into many other music genres. In most countries you can find a didgeridoo gathering, circle or festival where people join together to learn and play the didgeridoo. People around the world share unselfishly, technique, song, style and rhythm.

While the didgeridoo is still spiritual and sacred to some aboriginal people in northern Australia, it is also now recognised as a musical instrument, just as the guitar, flute and drums are instruments. Didgeridoos are now made in many different countries, out of many different materials, such as glass, ceramic, hemp, leather, plastic, cactus stems and even metal.

Exciting and ground breaking contemporary playing styles have been developed and the didgeridoo can now be found playing in symphony, rock, jazz, blues, hip-hop, funk, punk, rap, electronic, dance, trance, world music and just about every genre you care to imagine. The drum was traditionally used in Africa for communication, now there is a kit of drums in every band. Most instruments, which are now widely used around the world, had culturally significant beginnings and uses.

From those beginnings, today we live in a world, which celebrates its rich musical future, where traditional, and contemporary music meet and morph. This world is made up of talented, creative, rhythmic people who play a multitude of instruments from around the globe, including the didgeridoo.

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