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Goma - Player Profile
Last Updated: 15/04/2009

In the 1998 Arnhemland Barunga Didgeridoo Competition, Goma received The Northern Land Council prize (judged by Galarrwuy Yunupingu),surprised audiences by being the first non-Aboriginal to be recognized. Since that time, as a solo player, session musician, and band member, he has steadily increased his audience by consistently striving to innovate and expand his musical horizons.

His recently works. The album "Soul of Rite", featuring Goma with Bill Laswell and Karsh Kale, was released. Goma & Jungle Rhythm Section released "Rhythm and Breath. "The band Night Jungle, featuring Goma, released the album "Jungle Cruise". Goma played at the Fuji Rock Festival and other other events. Japanese soccer sensation Hidetoshi Nakata included music by Goma in a music compilation album he put together in honor of the World Cup. The talk with Don Letts,Grammy award film maker was appeared on magazine. He also appeared on Sony Walkman CM (Japan)and also contributed to the Nikon D3 CM(EU & China),
the promotional shootings including The North Face( Japan) and son on.

In the 2008, Goma released "Cyborg", an album of dance music which even more deeply explores the musical possibilities of the didgeridoo.

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument made from trunks or branches of the eucalyptus tree which have been hollowed out by termites. It is an ancient, traditional musical instrument, and creates a spacey, natural sound. Goma's strength as a musician is his unique fusion of the natural, ancient tones of the didgeridoo with cutting edge technology.

Goma Live at Didgeridoo Breath...

This Saturday night will be a night to remember for many! The night started with the usual intro and welcome, the stage was set with a single Didgeridoo stood across the top of an electronic mixing desk. Reviews from Byron Bay had been fantastic but no-body was ready for what was about to happen!

The venue, Didgeridoo Breath was transformed from store to space in the ours before the event.  After a brief introduction a small framed, polite faced, fit young man took his place behind the desk. Goma was in the house. The audience aged 3 to 73 made the welcome warm.

Then it started, “Cyborg” is the name of the album and Cyborg was the only description i can think of to suit the first 15 minute opening song! Absolutely amazing, in that one song the past met the future! Jaws dropped in the first 10 seconds, eyes glanced around the room, desperate to be reassured that others were hearing the same thing.

One by one people made the choice to stop fighting the unknown and join the music on a journey. One by one heads and feet began to nod and tap. Bodies loosened and the room unified in a rhythmic pulse.

Soon the seated sway could no longer be contained and one or two let out the dance crying from within! With the permission from the few a wave of movement swept across the shop floor and everybody rose to their feet and remained that way for the rest of the night.

How remarkable to be amongst a room full of all ages, sizes, shapes and colours, pulsing together. People continually connecting eyes with others sharing that same excited look that openly said ” i don’t know what i am doing or why i am doing it but i am loving every second!”

My body and face hurt from smiling, yooping, dancin, laughing, jumping and enjoying life! Saturday night was a night that sparked, kindled and stoked fires of life and joy in many lives.

Thank you Goma for having the drive today to take Didgeridoo into tomorrow. You are welcome back any time!

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