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The Rripangu Yirdaki Masterclass, 18-22 May 2009
Last Updated: 11/03/2009

The Rripangu Yirdaki Masterclass, 18-22 May 2009, Gikal' outstation

In 2008 Sanshi attended this Master Class and to this day he has been a different man in may ways! All good! So good he is going again in 2009!

Recently Tony and Matt spent time with Djalu and Family on Skii Beach North east Arnhem Land collecting and making Yidaki, attending ceremony and being immersed in the culture. Along with spending 3 days in California with Djalu and crew at the Jammin Tree Festival. At the Jammin Tree Festival we were invited to come spend a few days on a visit to catch up with the family at home. This is what we did. Sanshi attended the Master Class in 2008, another scheduled event. Our experience has helped shape our Didgeridoo lives, Tony Matt and Sanshi fully recommend your attendance at this event.

Unfortunately over the past 10 plus years, as Djalus' reputation has grown globally, people have dropped in to visit Djalu, for uninvited visits of 3 months or more. This all sounds possibly wonderful. But I wonder how wonderful it would be for you and I if unexpected visitors just arrived with a tent and a backpack to our home and informed us they were staying with us for the coming months. Do you have a spare bedroom for one or more visitors arriving uninvited to your doorstep for months at a time! Just walking around your home every day, nowhere to go nothing else to do! For this reason we have never supported or backed or given information leading to the whereabouts of Djalu and his family. We continue our support through buying and globaly promoting Djalu Yidaki. We also share, play and teach Didgeridoo to all people of the world as Djalu does. Together we can embrace the past, present and future of all the people that make Australia home or hold the Yolngu people, Yidaki or Didgeridoo close to their heart.

Sanshi will be attending the Master Class this year and would love to share this awesome experience with you. Lifetime memories, friendships and skills will be forged. This year we are able to fully put our support and recommendations behind the Master Class as the coordination of the event has been taken out of any individual profit or reputation seeking hands and passed on to a not for profit organisation interested in protecting the private lives and well being of the Gurruwiwi family and all things Yolngu. Your contact person is Adrienne from the Tourism Hub in Arnhem Land. Email Adrienne at tourismhub@bigpond.com.au . Check out their website @ yolngutourism.com  

This is what the Master class 2009 is all about: Djalu Gurruwiwi and family warmly invite you to a 5 day cultural immersion experience in Arnhem Land. This Masterclass is a rare opportunity for you to learn from the Grandmaster of yidaki, Mr Didgeridoo himself, as well as to experience Yolngu life from the inside. As a guest of Djalu and his family, you will be learning in his community at Gikal' outstation, north-east Arnhem Land, an intimate outstation-type settlement situated on a lovely stretch of beach with postcard views of the blue waters of the Arafura Sea.

This is an intensive 5 days of learning... about Aboriginal culture, language, kinship, relationships to land, the environment, hunting... And of course, learning to play the yidaki from the very best teachers you could possibly have. You will also have the opportunity to make your own yidaki under the guidance of Djalu, his son Larry Winiwini and other members of the Gurruwiwi family. Learn the secrets of Djalu's craft that has earned him the reputation as the world's foremost didgeridoo craftsman.

Accommodation is twin-share in a 17 meter luxury, air-conditioned, steel-hulled cruiser.

If you have your own camping equipment and you rather bring that with you, that is fine, we will show you where to set up camp. Amenities are basic and designed for those who want to experience the Australian outdoors at

We provide 3 meals a day on the cruiser and will ensure you are well fed. Vegetarians are catered for, so please tell us if you have specific dietary requirements.

Note that men, women and couples are welcome to attend the Masterclass.

There is a cost of AUD$2500 per participant for the Masterclass, which covers food, local transportation in Arnhem Land, accommodation, your own yidaki which Djalu and family will help you makei, daily cultural activities and tuition, and a few special things we won't tell you about just yet!

There is a limit of 10 participants for the Masterclass and we encourage you to book as early as you can to avoid missing out.

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