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Jesse Lethbridge of Indijika - Player Profile
Last Updated: 25/04/2009





How long have you been playing the Didgeridoo/Yidaki?
I started playing 12 years ago after being invited to make a didgeridoo.
How did you get introduced to this awesome instrument? How old were you, where you?
My friend Jake when i was 13 showed me a kookaburra sound through a long tube of cardboard.
Did it take you long to achieve the Circular Breathing?
It took me along time to get the breathing. The main hurdle was the didge that i made was a big B and hard to play. For me i was with the Dave who showed me how to make my first didge. I was getting real frustrated with not being able to get the breathing. He showed me in 3 steps how to link it together and passed me his didge, I made the link. We where standing on the headland in Terigal looking out to sea. A thick band of rainbow appeared between the clouds and the sea.

What was your childhood dream job?
As far as dream job hhhhhmmmmmmmm! Canít say i had one. I was always dreaming though.
How did you know you were to become a traveling performing Didgeridoo Player, was there a defining moment?
I never thought that i would travel playing didge. It has been a real buzz for me to share something that i enjoy and to see other people enjoying it too. The defining moment for me must have been in Broom markets sitting under the shade of a tree. It was a real success. But defining moment for connecting to the didge was in 2000 where i found my first real didge. When i say real i mean a player. Its got something in it.

You've travelled a bit and seen many things and tasted lots of amazing food from around the world what would be your favorite dish?
Favorite dish is still my mums cooking

Biggest musical/didgeridoo influence?
Biggest influence is my Dad (biggest fan to)

The best advice you ever received and from who?
Donít forget you roots son. (My dads' words when I went on my first adventure around the would).

Proudest moment?
Seeing my daughter Lily make her way in to the world.
Most important question...If you were a chicken, why would you cross the road?
I would cross the road to get to didgeridoobreath.
Cheers for all the support over the years, Iím looking forward to working with you all 2009 BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

Love and Respect




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