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Didgeridoo Buying Guide. All you need to know to buy a Didgeridoo online!
Last Updated: 22/10/2013


Is it time for you to buy a Didgeridoo? How do you buy a Didgeridoo online? Do you need information to help you buy a Didgeridoo? Here at Didgeridoo Breath we love, live and breathe Didgeridoo. Each and every day, in our Australian Didgeridoo Store we are playing, teaching, sharing and helping people find their perfect Didgeridoo. That's what we love doing and that's what we do! Our online Didgeridoo store is a wonderful opportunity for us to extend our same passionate, personalised service to you, wherever you are.

Having a team (well... more family really) of Didgeridoo players, makers and performers, we take all the time we need to individually select and ensure only the highest quality instruments are offered to you in our online Didgeridoo store.
We are a happy bunch as it is, but you have no idea how happy it makes us when we make you happy! Truly, there are mini celebrations going on everyday here, every time we receive feedback from you telling us how happy you are with our service and your new goodies.

In the end we hope that all of the information on this website will help you explore, discover and experience more than what you came here for. If you are looking for a Didgeridoo, we hope this Didgeridoo buying guide will assist you to make a better than great Didgeridoo selection, be it from elsewhere or from us.

If you choose to shop with us (of course, we really hope you do!) you can be assured we take your trust in us seriously, as an honor and as an awesome responsibility. We believe that together, our relationship with you will be long lasting, fruitfull and rewarding for both of us.

Whatever you choose to do from here, we would love to stay in touch, help you progress and support you as you grow into the world of Didgeridoo. To help us keep you up to date and informed on the "goings on" in the didgeridoo world, please join the Didgeridoo Breath CREW, its free, fun and eye opening.

"We received our didge yesterday.  It is awesome and the paint job is gorgeous.  My son has not put it down yet.  The DVD is heaps of fun. Our whole family watched it and went through the actions - lots of laughing by all.


I know we will be getting another down the track as now our other son wants one.


Thanks heaps



Didgeridoo Buying Guide

Which Online Store?

Diversity - Selection of instruments

At Didgeridoo Breath we have scoured our vast Country to find only the highest quality Didgeridoo makers and artists. We work with people who have a heart and passion in their craft, those with experience, reliability, integrity and ability to craft only the finest instruments for our customers and friends.

It is difficult for any retailer to recommend a product they don't stock. You can end up being sold something less than ideal for you, just because the shop only sells one brand, or the ones they make! But we do understand that as an artist or manufacturer you are usually bias that your product is superior to others, for a whole swag of reasons. Our recommendation is, for you to take a good look around to find a store that represents more than just their own Didgeridoos! The fact is, there is a great selection available out there and the standard along with price varies significantly. Its better that you know this before rather than after you spend your money.

You support a large number of Aboriginal and other Australian families and communities, including many performers, makers and artists when you  buy their works for our store. We hope it brings a smile to your face knowing that you are contributing to the lives of many in the Didgeridoo community every time you pick something up from us.

Instrument Information

The more information, pictures, sound files, video, length, weight, key etc the more the better. A lot can be gleaned from simple dimensions keys and written descriptions. Didgeridoo sound files, pictures and video all assist in ensuring you know what you are getting! Visit our Didgeridoo Shop and check out the details we include with every instrument, we really want you to know everything possible to help you make a selection. Also many Didgeridoos are made, painted, carved and burnt by fantastic Australian makers, artists and players. The more you can find out about them the better right! Check out our Didgeridoo Makers, Artist and Player profiles.

Payment Security

Technology moves fast, often faster than we like to think. The highest payment security of 12 months ago simply does not do the job today. You are looking for an online store, which offers a current secure SSL certificate and ideally someone who does not keep your Credit Card information on their servers. Didgeridoobreath.com uses 128 bit encryption to protect your credit card information while it is on our computers. The same high strength encryption is used to transmit your credit card information from our secure server to our computers. We do not keep any credit card information on our server or on our computers.


This is a standard feature with almost any purchase of new items all around the world. Surely it must be a standard feature offered from your online Didgeridoo Store. We are pleased to offer you our 30 Day Risk free Online Shopping GUARANTEE.

My order arrived this afternoon, safe and sound!
What can i say about the didge? Just WOW !!!! I wish i'd had something like this 2 years ago when i started playing. It plays so easily, its like its doing all the work itself. The sound is just fantastic and everything comes out soooo clear.

Thanks very much, and best of luck to ya.

Charlie, Ireland

Can I learn to play the Didgeridoo?

To be honest it's as simple as this, if you can fog up a mirror when you breathe on it, you can learn to play the didgeridoo.

There are no age, sex, height, weight, colour, language, ability, musical experience, taste or style restrictions to qualify to play the didgeridoo. Grab yourself a good beginner didgeridoo or an incredible didgeridoo, you wont be disappointed. Get hold of the Playing The Didgeridoo instructional CD series or DVD and your into it.

Is it hard to learn to play the Didgeridoo?

The fact is, once you can make the drone on a didgeridoo it doesn't really matter what size it is, the same technique makes them all work! We have a number of children us young as 3 years old, coming into the store making the biggest didgeridoos absolutely rip.

Are you dealing with experts?

Wherever you do decide to get your didgeridoo from, first things first, let the shop know that you are after an instrument not a souvenir. Even if the purpose of your didgeridoo is to only be played occasionally to amuse your friends, your didgeridoo should be a good playing and sounding instrument. You want to shop in a specialist instrument shop with a genuine care for quality, not a mega product department store.

Does Didgeridoo length make a difference?

As a beginner, the didgeridoo you are after is from 100cm -40inches, or even better 120cm (47inches) to 145cm (58inches) in length. There is a big relationship between length and key. Basically the longer the didgeridoo the deeper the sound it produces. That's a general rule and often proven wrong, darn termites always breaking the rules. You can definitely play a 100cm (40inches), didgeridoo for fun and the learning. It will be high pitched and need a fast tight vibration of the lips, good fun but it will restrict your sound range. Some of the shorter plastic Didgeridoos are great playing and sounding; they tend to be skinnier in the bore so play will as a shorter instrument.

Does Didgeridoo weight make a difference?

As a beginner it is probably best to keep your Didgeridoo weight under 5 kilograms or it will end up being a hassle to drag out to practice on. There are many incredible instruments which are much heavier than this, when it comes time to select a high quality instrument even as a beginner, don't be afraid of the weight.

What about the musical key of the Didgeridoo?

The drone of a didgeridoo actually plays at a particular key, depending on the dimensions of the inside, outside, the finish, bell etc of the instrument. As every didgeridoo is different, Didgeridoos will produce different keys. Basically didgeridoos generally range in key from low A, very deep sound, to high A ,little screamers. The key range looks like this:

Very Low Middle Very High
A, A#, B C, C#, D, Eb, E F, F#, G, G#, A

The best keys we have found to learn with are anywhere between and including the key of C and E. Yet there are some incredibly playable F key Didgeridoos that I wouldnt avoid, especialy the longer ones. Don't panic; all of our didgeridoos have the key written next to them. You can listen to the sound files

The A's high and low are extremes and rarely played. Low key B didgeridoos are known as Devil Didgeridoos because of their incredibly low bone rattling drone, they also tend to take too much air for beginners to be able to keep up with. High key F# and G Didgeridoos are great for faster rhythms but if you're just beginning you probably don't need to go there yet either.

First of all I would like to thank you for the perfect service that you have provided, it is really beyond Excellence!

I have just opened my didge package and all I can say is WOW! This didge is wonderful.
I was very surpised to notice how professional you are.The shipping, the package and the arrangement were perfect.
It is incredible to know that from such a long distance I can have a perfect deal, even here in the nearby countries the companies doesn't offer that kind of service.
I wouldn't trade your services for any other in the world, you guys are the BEST!
Joffrey Vanreusel
P.S: I'll be looking forward to order soon!

How much should I pay for a Didgeridoo?

You should be able to pick up a great termite hollowed, Australian eucalyptus, and beginner's didgeridoo from around $160 AUD. You will also be able to spend up to $5000 AUD and pick up an incredible didgeridoo. You will generally pay more for recognized makers and artist's artwork. There are unscrupulous stores around who charge crazy amounts of money for below standard instruments. You need to deal only with people who have a long-term reputation as specialists with the Didgeridoo. At Didgeridoo Breath we always select the best didgeridoos for you to display on our website. As you can't sit here with us making your selection, we do that for you to ensure your satisfaction when you buy your didgeridoo from us.

What about Germs?

It's a fair question to ask! After speaking to those in the know in the medical field, we discovered that the only way to contract a virus by playing a didgeridoo would be to pass the mouthpiece from a person with a local, lip or mouth, viral infection to someone else while the mouthpiece surface is still wet. Viruses can only live for a matter of seconds without a living host, so viruses are no issue unless you play on the wet mouthpiece of an infected person. If you are sharing a didgeridoo with somebody you simply dry the mouthpiece or wait for it to dry, or clean it first. Some germs and antigens may be present, about as present as they are on the end of your pencil before you stick that in your mouth. In about 100 years of combined Didgeridoo playing between all of us here at Didgeridoo Breath, none of us has ever been sick from anything Didgeridoo related. You can have peace of mind that all of our Didgeridoos are safe to play and play and play!

What else do you need?

Learn to play CDs or DVD
This is some very important advice... if you want to save yourself years of practice, stretched patience and frustration then get hold of the "Playing The Didgeridoo" CD box set, or the first CD "Beginner Techniques", or the "Playing The Didgeridoo" DVD. These instructional tools have been recognized worldwide as the most comprehensive and up-to-date didgeridoo lessons available. They are simple to follow, a whole lot of fun and will help you to sound fantastic in a very short amount of time.

Didgeridoo Bag
If you ever intend to take your didgeridoo out of the box we send it to you in, you should take a look at either making or buying some sort of didgeridoo bag. We have a huge range of bags to choose from. Experience has taught us that the bag is just as essential protection for your didgeridoo, as it is for the many things you will knock it against as you cart it around.

Didgeridoo Music
Go to a didgeridoo festival, gig, jam or anything that will expose you to the music of the didgeridoo. If you can't make it to any of these, then get your hands on some didgeridoo music CDs. There is music of most styles now available and some great music right here in the Didgeridoo Breath CD shop.

Didgeridoo Stands
If you want to display your didgeridoo without leaning it up against a wall, then you can make a didgeridoo stand, or choose from the ones we have in the Didgeridoo Stands shop.

Performer's Didgeridoo Stands
The solo stand allows you to hold your didgeridoo from sitting to standing positions, hands free! They are ideal for freedom of movement and to allow you to play a second instrument eg. guitar, drums etc while you play didgeridoo. Light and easy to travel with, these stands are now the preferred choice of performers all around the world.

Replacement Beeswax Mouthpiece
Over time your didgeridoo beeswax mouthpiece will become dirty, broken or worn down. It is very simple to change this yourself with the right mouthpiece kit and instructions. These are available in the Accessories shop.

As always, please contact us anytime with your thoughts, questions, concerns or compliments. We would love to hear from you.

email info@didgeridoobreath.com

Ph: +61 8 9430 6009  Fax: +61 8 9430 6669

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