Wild Dog: Tassie Devil Stompbox (#043)

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Wild Dog: Tassie Devil Stompbox

The latest generation of stompboxes created from Wild Dog STOMP Australia, previously known as Bigfoot, offers an updated stompbox range.
This Wild Dog 'Tassie Devil' stompbox model is the smallest of the range available, but despite the portable dimensions the "Tassie Devil" has the same great deep sound as the larger version Silverback and Dingo stomp box. The concept was to build not only the best stompbox in the business, but to build one that was very portable, possessed a big deep sound and above all simple to use.

The tone bar is not only focused on the sound but direct the impact downward thus greatly reducing unwanted noise.

The Wild Dog 'Tassie Devil' stompbox is very stable thanks to the non-slip feet that keep it attached to the floor while tapping.

This stompbox comes with a protective Neoprene sock that protects it from accidental movement.

The Wild Dog 'Tassie Devil' Stompbox is handmade in Australia from a variety of currently available salvaged timbers

Length: 14 cm
Width 12.5 cm
Depth 3.5 cm

No Power required. Plug it and play it!

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Wild Dog: Tassie Devil Stompbox (#043)

Wild Dog: Tassie Devil Stompbox