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Traditional Arnhem Land Yidaki

What defines a Yidaki? Didgeridoo is a non-Aboriginal term for an Aboriginal wind instrument that has numerous Aboriginal names. Prior to European colonisation, the instrument was limited to the Northern parts of Australia, in particular Arnhem Land. Amongst the Yolgnu clans of North East Arnhem Land, yidaki is the generic name for the naturally occurring termite hollowed trunks of young Eucalyptus trees that are cut and shaped into a musical instrument. This name is correctly used for instruments from this region that have been made and decorated solely by Yolgnu people. All other instruments should be called didgeridoos, unless they are made by an Aboriginal person and called by their local Aboriginal name for the instrument.

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Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely and on time. Im really happy with this purchase, the didge sounds just like i have hoped it to sound....just awesome! Im really looking forward to buying my future didgeridoos from you guys.
-Pawel, Canada
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