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(22nd Jan 2010)

Dear Didge Breath Crew,


I would like to thank you all for the superb and fast service after placing my order at your shop in the evening of friday 15th January as I already received your shipment yesterday. I 'm also very delighted with the quality of the delivered goods as well as with the fact that they weren't damaged after the transportation towards my address here in Belgium. If I have the opportunity to advise your shop to anybody in the future, I 'll definitely do it.


Keep up the good work and thanks to you all from a satisfied customer for the high quality goods and excellent service,


Tim, Belgium

(21st Jan 2010)

Hi folks,


I got my didge bag today (extremely fast) and boy am I happy that I spent a few extra dollars. This is BY FAR the best bag in regards to quality, looks and keeping the didge safe I have come across in my search for some decent bag. I can hardly imagine something better available for purchase out there. So I might likely be back sometime soon for another thingy I need ... Keep it up!!


In spirit,

Wolfgang, USA

(6th Jan 2010)
just to let you know that my didgeridoo (order no 2391) arrived, safely and in perfect condition, today.
I was sitting at home, having been snowed off work, when a neighbour knocked on my door holding my parcel, he had met the nice man from DHL trudging through 7 inches of snow to get to me,WOW, some people are made of hardier stuff.
To say I am happy with the whole service provided by you would be an understatement because you have surpassed all my expectations.
I ordered from you on the 30th December and you and the people at DHL have managed to get the parcel to me in record time, taking into account that it was New Years Day and a weekend in between,and the snow!. To put it into context, I also ordered at the same time an item from the UK , only 300 miles away, compared to you being on the other side of the planet, and that only arrived yesterday.

This is my first didgeridoo,so how did I end up buying from you?

I have always loved the sound of didgeridoos ever since the first time I heard one sometime back in the 70's but have never had the chance to play one.

Anyway one day last week I was in a shop that had some,it was quiet,so I had a go and was surprised that I managed to get a sound out of it straight away.......I nearly bought one there and then,but they were cheap copies and never produced that unmistakable drone of the real thing.
I then did a search on google, came across your site, along with a few others, read all I could about didges that night,so by the next morning it was decided that to connect with the ancient sound the real thing was needed.....I liked your site with the sound samples,the clear pictures,the information provided etc......I even found it on Google Earth street view,and it kinda felt like a shopping trip,lol.
Anyway,I played it straight out of the box it sounded good.......but then 2 hours later with it being nice and warm it sounded bloody amazing,can get lots of subtle sounds with it and some not so subtle of course.....just gotta practice the circular breathing,or rather not think about it too much.....but yeah..HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.
Again many many thanks,and you never know,I might even get over sometime.......seeing the guys walking down the street on google earth wearing a christmas hat in the sun made me think "I want some of that".

All the best to all on the team

Steve, UK
(6th Jan 2010)

Hey everyone at Didgeridoo Breath!


My Didge arrived yesterday in the post. The delivery service was impecable and the instrument is simply wonderful, I still can't believe the sound that it can make!


I just want to thank you for your excellent service and helpful tips on the free DVD.




Olly, U.K.

(30th Dec 2009)

Thanks for such a quick response and the helpful info! I have just placed an online order. I am sure that our guests will absolutely love the didgeridoos and have fun learning to play them. Thanks again for the great service!


Dani, Australia

(22nd Dec 2009)

Hi Matt,


Thanks so much for your timely shipping, I saw the bag shipped out today, as well as your quick & helpful response. From what I can tell from your website, you have great products & I'm really looking forward to seeing the bag "face-to-face."


Happy holidays :)

Rebecca, USA


(15th Dec 2009)

Hi just like to let you know i received my order today and as in the past, the items were received in excellent condition and got to me very quickly, so once again your quality and service was excellent, i hope you all have a great christmas and a fantastic new year and i look forward to getting some more of your unreal products again in the new year, happy didging.

Tim, Australia
(15th Dec 2009)
Hi Matt,

didge received, mouthpiece remoulded to suit my playing, and the result is fantastic! great sound and easy to play for more than half an hour non stop.

thanks so much for your exemplary service

Janusz, New Zealand
(11th Dec 2009)
Hi Matt,

The Yidaki has arrived today safely.
What a great instrument, I like it very much, thanks.
Thanks again for you all your support.


(27th Nov 2009)
G´day amigos!

this piece of wood is the coolest instrument i´ve ever had in my hands! the delivery was perfect and soo quick! all perfect!
i only wish to be able to breath circularly someday ... in the meantime im happy listening to the amazing drone and letting my soul vibrate with it

Best regards from Gijon (Spain),

(16th Nov 2009)

Hi everyone at DidgeridooBreath

I received my didg and CDs today at 1:00 pm, on Monday 11-16-09. I'm very pleased with everything. Dream Keeper is my favorite CD, but I like all three very much.. Thank you again for great shopping experience. I hope to purchase an even better quality didgeridoo in the future after I get good at playing this one. Warmest Regards,

Robert, USA

(12th Nov 2009)
Hello there - Didgeridoo Breath Team, today I received the stix didgeridoo C# and the two DVD s - Playing the Didgeridoo with T. Colley. Everything is allright and the shipping was very quick without any problems.
Im happy and say thank you.
Greetings from Germany Sandra Dorn / Shedidge
(7th Nov 2009)
Hi Guys

Just wanted to let you know that at 1745 on Friday, my Didgeridoo was delivered. I cannot get stuff delivered that quick if I order it in this country. It was packed very well and arrived safely

Thanks very much, great service

Peter, United Kingdom

(30th October 2009)

Thanks you guys, once again my stuff arrived safely!

Once again thank you for your very fast and good service!

thanks a lot mates!
(28th October 2009)

Hi i got my 5 disc cd yesterday, thanks for getting them to me quickly your service and quality of product has been fantastic, i look forward to dealing with you in the future, happy didg\'n.

Tim Raggett.

Hi didge-fellows,

The package with the cd´s arrived well a few days ago!

I´m very glad with all the music - what a variety & creativity !!!

I´d like to say, that you have a fine, beautiful and atractive homepage !

The presentation of Jesse´s Didges is very helpful - and they sound really good.


With lot´s of thanks and greeting from the other side of our mother earth


Hans-Peter (John-Peter)

G'day i received my order today a didg, bag and a stubbie holder that i am currently enjoying a VB out of, just let you know that the items arrived in excellent condition, the didg and bag are fantastic and i\'m glad i found you guys, i am looking forward to receiving the 5 cd set next week, your service has been fantastic and the products i have got are unreal, i brought a didg a few years ago but its a very short one and has no mouth piece, i was able to play it a bit but was very hard on the mouth, i kept looking at buying a proper didg to get serious with and could not find anything in the usual shops or markets, then i found you guys on the net, well there\'s no looking back now and i can now have fun learning the didg, i play bass and have a native American indian flute and a harmonica and now a fantastic didg, i look forward to dealing with you again in the future, take care all. Tim.





I will let you all know my progress....


Regards Ron Ellis


Received the order today. Thank you. Didgeridoo looks great! So does the bag. We'll know how it sounds in November when my son receives it for his 21st Birthday.



Len and Pam Davis

Just wanted to let you know the DVD arrived today!
I am very excited to watch it. Probably tonight.
You guys were wonderful to do business with and I will return for more stuff soon.
Maybe a new didj, who knows.
Thanks again, Matt

Hi Guys,

just a quick note to advise we received the didge yesterday. It is awesome and the paint job is gorgeous. My son has not put it down yet. The DVD is heaps of fun. Our whole family watched it and went through the actions - lots of laughing by all.


I know we will be getting another down the track as now our other son wants one.


thanks heaps



just to say a big thank you to all you staff for all their help in introducing me to didgeridoo playing.... i purchased 3 off you while staying in freo ....and now im back in the uk will be looking to purchase some more....just love the sound....also enjoyed your concerts on wednesday nights...hope to be that good one day ....thanks again steve




Many thanks again the Didge has landed (Friday afternoon).


Can I say, what a beast!


You said you would put your reputation on it and you have certainly come through.

The sound that comes out of that thing words can only describe as Holy S#$t !


The Bass is perfect, the volume and pitch in my mind can not be bettered. Im actually beyond words on how impressed I am.

Played it in front of the boys and their jaws just dropped and were astounded by its size and beauty.


I cant put it down.


Its going to scare the S%^$t out of anything in a 20km radius on the next shooting trip with all the boys around the fire.


So all I can say Tony is many thanks for your great service and selection, I will never part with it.




I receive the Didge safely thank you all and I did already began my training. Thank for the DVD too its been a GREAT help I will contact you right after my skill improve however this is the first time I use the didge.



hi just to let you know i recieved my didgeridoo today just cant believe it arrived so quickley it is beautiful thank you so much
from mary b, ireland
A friend of mine just got a didgeridoo from you guy\'s and man have i had a blast. I got it in the mail 2 days ago and i can do most everything in the dvd. I am still haveing trouble with the circular breathing but i am getting better. Tony is a great instructor and he really make\'s it fun to do hahahaha. I am driveing my dog\'s crazy and i am loveing it haha. I live in tennessee out in the country and since yesterday most of my neighbors drive by just to see what is going on. Again i want to thank you and i will allways play, keep up the great sound\'s

G'day folks,


The two stands and the book arrived today. Thanks. I appreciate your excellent service.





Hiya DB crew, just wanted to pass on my appreciation for the quick delivery of products I order from you online - the 2 x large quilt didgeridoo bags were delivered to my house in Adelaide on Tuesday.


Great bags - I'm really gonna feel the part rocking up to gigs now with these bags - aahhh the illusion of being a professional ha-ha :) And they are big enough to fit two of my sticks in each bag so makes a very cost efficient purchase.


Keep up the awesome work


Peace :)



Hi crew...


just confirmation that the didgeribone has arrived safe and sound and looking forward to having heaps of fun experimenting with it.


Keep up the good work, and hoping one day I will be able to make it over and come in to say hi, have a jam and see if my next stick is waiting for me :)


Cheers & peace



Just wanted to let you know I received my didge. DHL did a great job delivering it to my front door. We had a great time visiting the Didgeridoo Breath on 12 Aug 09. Thanks to Simon and Sanshi for showing us how to play and helping pick out the rigth didge. I'm having a blast learning to play.
Didgeridoo Breath crew,

I received my didgeridoo a week ago in good order. I've never had a didge before nor ever tried to play one. I took one blow and it sounded awefull. I told my wife that it must be broken. Realising that it was probably me that was crap not the didge, I watched the DVD and within 45 minutes, I was creating consistent sweet drones & animal noises. I've almost got the breathing sorted, the instructional DVD is brilliant. I bought the didgeridoo to relax and now I'm hooked on the thing. My kids love to hear me play and my eldest boy Ethan (11) is keen to learn. I'm sure I'll be in touch soon buy more gear.

Thanks again


This is Craig from Burleigh Qld. Got my didge about 2 weeks ago. Thanks for quick delivery service. DVD is very helpful and didge is awesome! Let me know if there are ever any specials on other DVDs



just want to thank you guys for my bee's wax.
Its great, came 2 or 3 days ago thanks for the speedy postage.
Nick, Victoria, Australia
Order arrived in perfect condition and in plenty of time for my buddy's birthday.
I am a little jealous because his is easier to play than mine!

Rodney, USA


Just thought I would send you a short email to say that the didgeridoo that my mum purchased on the 12/06/09 when she visited your shop arrived safe & sound 4 days later. I have got to admit I am impressed it can take long to get a letter to the other side of the UK.


As for the didgeridoo I am well impressed it sounds & feels great, its also interesting to note the difference in the way it plays compared to my other didgeridoo's. Its got its own voice.


But the way a great WEB site. Just as well as I am in the UK I could end up spending to much otherwise.


All the best.



Just got my didge and the DVD in perfexct shape and I am already having fun!
My law clients were a little set back, but life goes on!

I will let you know if the breathing helps with the snoring like the medical journal says.

I appreciate your prompt and efficient service.

Rodney Romano, USA


Just a note to say thanks for the prompt service, great website and a fabulous resource for the didgeridoo. My stand, feral bag and CD set arrived today (Wednesday) in perfect condition. Please make sure that I am on Didgeridoo Breath Email Crew. Looking forward to exploring the didgeridoo scene in Seattle and learning how to integrate the didj with my banjo playing.


Paul J. Bubak, MD

We came into your store in March, little ryan 9 yrs loves his didge and is getting better & better, you guys were awesome, next time we come over to perth we will stop in.
Thanks so much
John Christine & Ryan, New Zealand
My order arrived this afternoon, safe and sound!
What can i say about the didge? Just WOW !!!! I wish i'd had somethin like this 2 years ago when i started playing. It plays so easily, its like its doing all the work itself. The sound is just fantastic and everything comes out soooo clear. I hadnt played a STIX before and i was a bit nervous about spending so much on something i hadnt played first but im $#%&$ delighted with it !!!

I really like "The Feral" bag too. It looks great and feels like it could survive an atomic blast without as much as a scratch on the didge.

Thanks very much, and best of luck to ya.
Charlie, Ireland
Gday guys,
Thanks for the quick delivery, got the cd in the mail today. Already chucked it on my ipod so I can listen and learn on the go. Gonna have to get the rest of the learn to play cd's, and eventually a beautiful stix didge.
Look forward to future purchases with you guys.



First of all I would like to thank you for the perfect service that you have provided, it is really beyond Excellence!
I have just opened my didge package and all I can say is WOW! This didge is wonderful.
I was very surpised to notice how professional you are.The shipping, the package and the arrangement were perfect.
It is incredible to know that from such a long distance I can have a perfect deal, even here in the nearby countries the companies doesn't offer that kind of service.
I wouldn't trade your services for any other in the world, you guys are the BEST!

Joffrey Vanreusel

P.S: I'll be looking forward to order soon!

Hi Guys,


Thanks a million, got the new didge today and am wowed, love the artwork, my compliments to Vicki Harding. The didge is nice and deep love it. I know I will never go wrong in getting didges from Didgeridoo Breath, you always choose the best didges.


Thanks, Keep on Didg'n, Best regards to all at DB. Your Friend.
Moez, Kenya

Hi Fellas,

My didge has arrived in 4 days in the very best condition. And the dvd from tony is very great. Its a pleasure to see it. He's a very great comedian to show how to work with the didge.

I will try to play it up to perfection.
Many kind regards from Germany


Monika and Reinhard

The didg arrived today and everything is in order. The didg is excellent and the bag is a great addition!


Thanks so much for everything and the fast shipping

Take care

Hey Guys,
Just got the hands free stand. I will definitely be getting a couple more of these from you, they're beautifully balanced.
Jeremy Donovan

Hi dudes,

Just got the didji i ordered last week, what can i say" its great" , looks the part and as im only a beginner very easy to play .............

Well inpressed with your service as well, 1 week to get here ( UK ) keep it up .

Once again many thanks for your service

Regards Steve

Just to tell you that the didjeridoo is well arrived at my place. Thank you so much!

I'm really impressed by the quality of this limb,congratulations to the maker,and the sound is amazing!

It's a great pleasure to play with.

As a cabinet maker, I'm used to the wood and I really appreciate the finitions on this beautiful didjeridoo.

Happy guy I am.

Thanks also for the shipping, it was so fast!

The package was really well done and there are absolutely no damages on the stuff.

So, congratulations guys for the service, very good and serious.

For the next time, (let me save some money before...), you'll have all my confidence.

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