WoodSlide Didgeridoos

Introducing WoodSlide: Australia's Exclusive Reseller for an Extraordinary Musical Experience


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with WoodSlide as the official reseller in Australia. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting melodies of this extraordinary instrument, masterfully crafted by the renowned Jean-Yves Redor.

At DidgeridooBreath, we take immense pride in offering you the opportunity to experience and own these exceptional Slide Didgeridoos. Delve into the world of mesmerizing sounds and explore the boundless possibilities of this unique instrument.

Visit us to try and purchase these outstanding instruments. Alternatively, you can conveniently browse and buy directly from our website, bringing the magic of WoodSlide to your fingertips.

Exciting news! Soon, we will be accepting preorders, allowing you to reserve your WoodSlide in advance. Don't miss out on securing your very own piece of musical brilliance.

Embark on a musical journey like no other with WoodSlide. Experience the harmonious fusion of innovation and tradition that elevates the art of playing the didgeridoo to new heights.


Introducing the WoodSlides: Unleash the Full Chromatic Range of the Didgeridoo

Experience the extraordinary versatility of the WoodSlides, an innovative instrument designed to encompass the entire spectrum of musical notes within a single didgeridoo. Engineered with a unique double slide system, featuring wooden and brass components, this groundbreaking assembly empowers musicians to effortlessly traverse the full chromatic range required to play in any key.

With the WoodSlides, your musical exploration knows no bounds. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional didgeridoos and embrace a world of unlimited possibilities. Every note you desire is within your grasp, ensuring that you achieve absolute precision and harmonious melodies every time you play.

Discover the WoodSlides and unlock a new realm of musical expression. Experience the joy of always striking the right note with this revolutionary instrument.

Earth Vibes

Ideal for an energetic and powerful playing 

The Earth Vibes style is characterized by a narrower air column which offers a textured and powerful sound. Your WoodSlide will be responsive and the high harmonics will be given prominence. Perfect for a rhythmic and dynamic playing!