Natural Finish

Eucalyptus Natural Finish Australian Didgeridoos

Are you looking to buy a Didgeridoo with great playing qualities at a fantastic price?

We love these authentic Australian eucalyptus Didgeridoos. They are so easy to play, and perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

There are two styles of finish, firstly the natural no-fuss, low-maintenance, simple wood glue coated seal, allowing you to feel the texture of the timber in your hands. Also the beautifully gloss finished didgeridoos highlight the natural uniqueness and incredible grain of every individual didgeridoo.

We select only the best quality to put on our website. These didgeridoos are under priced for how good they are to play! Add art, or more time spent on the finish, you would pay double the price for sure! Enjoy!

"Thanks for getting my didge to me so fast, it arrived in good nick and looks better than the photo. The dvd is also a great learning tool and i can now circular breathe and play ok in just 7 days. Thanks again!"
-Peter, Australia
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