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Introducing you to Didgeridoo Dojo!

Didgeridoo Dojo is a brand new site brought to you by the team at Didgeridoo Breath and is the most comprehensive, effective and motivational didgeridoo lessons on the planet!

  • Largest resource of how to play the didgeridoo lessons worldwide
  • Beginner lessons right up to advanced, complex rhythms
  • Over 500 minutes of premium high quality video content
  • Plus over 120 minutes of completely free videos and lesson content
  • Experienced didgeridoo teachers make learning fun, fast and easy
  • Learn anywhere our site is fully iPad, iPhone and smart phone compatible
  • The closest thing to your own private Didgeridoo teacher

"I can actually circular breathe! I'm in shock at how fast I caught on. But that's just awesome teaching. Seriously man... thanks for everything!" Andrew, USA

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