Our amazing Sensei is known worldwide for his radiant positivity with all, and his dedication and prowess with the didgeridoo. Players from all continents whojourney downunder make the pilgrimage to have an audience with Sanshi here in the shop and always leave smiling!

We know him however, as the sweetest most humble man this side of the equator.Hes got style to boot and time for everyone. His given Yolngu name is Malarra which means the Manta Ray, and on still moonlit nights you can see him leaping majestically out of the Indian Ocean, black dreadlocks flicking seaspray back up the stars either that, or jamming with, recording with, and inspiring the awesome musicians that are drawn to him.

Joined the team: 2006

Playing didgeridoo since: 1996

Musical instruments played: didgeridoo, djembe, cajon, native American flute, guitar, iPhone saxaphone

Favorite food: noodles

Country most like to visit: anywhere that makes noodles!