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Rain Sticks superbly hand crafted by Jerome Lyons

The sounds of the Tribal Instruments Rain Stick evoke images of gentle rain, as a little magic falls from one end of the polished Australian Bush timber to the other.

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"So Jerome, how are the Rain Sticks made really?"

Well, I'm glad you asked. Here is the absolute truth. Tribal Instruments Rain Sticks are made with a combination of nature and magic. I find a suitable bush stick, then sand and polish it, and decorate the ends with a base metal. This helps to act as a lightning conductor. The stick is then soaked in a special watery gel concoction for up to six months. Then, on a dark and stormy night, I take the prepared stick to the top of Mount Feta, the tallest mountain around, just above Blue Vein Creek. In a ceremony, it is buried in the earth metal end exposed to the heavens.

Playing drums and calling the gods and goddesses to send magic and charge the sticks.

Eventually they do.

Lightening bursts from the sky like electric fingers touching the head of the stick. Because it is buried in the cool earth it cannot explode, and instead the intense heat causes the interior of the stick to crystallise and disintegrate into sticky rain crystals that will never dry out, and will imitate the sound of gently falling rain forever.

And that is how the Tribal Instruments Rain Sticks are made, Really!