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Hand Painted Aboriginal Art Didgeridoos

View our massive selection of termite eaten, Eucalyptus Didgeridoos from around Australia.

Each Didgeridoo is individually hand painted and crafted with no two didgeridoos being the same. We respect all artists that decide to share their creativity with us at Didgeridoo Breath. All Didgeridoos we stock, have the Artists name as well as the Location in Australia where they are crafted.

We have worked very hard over many years on building relationships with many wonderful Aboriginal artists, to ensure that you always know what you are buying.
Exceptional Quality! Our didge arrived to Canada within days of ordering and in great condition. Now the whole family is learning from the DVD which is so well done and easy to follow. The sound is great even with our beginner skills! All is needed is practice and more practice :). Thank you guys! We definitely will be recommending you to anyone interested and we also will be coming back for more!
-Urszula & Nikki from Vancouver, Canada
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Of course the playing quality of every instrument is our usual high to awesome standard. Buy with 100% confidence. Buy your Authentic Australian, hand painted Aboriginal art Didgeridoo today!

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Didgeridoo Store | Arnhemland Balku Wunungmurra Yidaki  (3975) | Buy Online Arnhemland Balku Wunungmurra Yidaki (3975)

Key: F | Length: 132cm

Didgeridoo Store | Arnhemland Gapanbulu Yunupingu Yidaki (4007) | Buy Online Arnhemland Gapanbulu Yunupingu Yidaki (4007)

Key: Eb | Length: 148cm

Didgeridoo Store | Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoo (3629) | Buy Online Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoo (3629)

Key: C# | Length: 140cm

Didgeridoo Store | Arnhemland Dhapa Ganambarr Yidaki (4000) | Buy Online Arnhemland Dhapa Ganambarr Yidaki (4000)

Key: E | Length: 138cm

Didgeridoo Store | Arnhemland Buwathay Munyarryun Yidaki (3997) | Buy Online Arnhemland Buwathay Munyarryun Yidaki (3997)

Key: D#/E | Length: 137cm

Didgeridoo Store | Arnhemland Balku Wunungmurra Yidaki (4008) | Buy Online Arnhemland Balku Wunungmurra Yidaki (4008)

Key: E | Length: 134cm

Didgeridoo Store | Large Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoo (3988) | Buy Online Large Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoo (3988)

Key: C - 440Hz | Length: 161cm


About our hand-painted Aboriginal art didgeridoos

These Australian Didgeridoos are amazing to play and just as amazing as pieces of art. Every didge is unique, offering the best dot art, raak, x ray, cross hatch, traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art styles on every instrument. Aboriginal artists use the traditional ochre colors as well as bright modern acrylic paint colors to paint. Intricate designs depict the artists clan, totems, stories, spirits and other amazing subjects. Enjoy!