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Didjeribone Slide Didgeridoo, Carbon Fibre & Plastic Didgeridoos

Welcome to the amazing world of Slide Didge (slide Didgeridoos!), Carbon Fibre and plastic Didgeridoos. Why plastic? Because they are light, virtually indestructible, cleanable, resonant, loud, clear, ridiculously easy to play and perfect for travel.

Slide didges have 5 or more Keys in one Didgeridoo and will broaden your playing horizon more than you ever imagined. Plastic Didgeridoos have great backpressure, make circular Breathing easy, amplify vocals, respond amazingly to almost every playing technique and usually offer one or two smooth transition toots or over tones. Trust us, you must have one of these in your collection. Be surprised, we were!

Scroll down to see a quick video of Levi demoing a Didjeribone Slide Didgeridoo...
"Hi dudes, Just got the didji i ordered last week, what can i say "its great", looks the part and as im only a beginner very easy to play.....Well impressed with your service as well, 1 week to get here ( UK ) keep it up.
Once again many thanks for your service!

-Steve from the UK
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Didgeridoo Store | Large Gary Dillon Didgeridoo (4708) | Buy Online Large Gary Dillon Didgeridoo (4708)

Key: D#/E | Length: 135cm

Save $500.00!
Didjeribone Slide Didgeridoo Mark III by Charlie McMahon Didjeribone Slide Didgeridoo mk III

FREE Shipping in Australia

Lightweight, compact slide-didge.
Keys: low B to high G.
Includes travel bag.

Didgeridoo TOCA Orange Swirl - PVC Didgeridoo TOCA Orange Swirl - PVC

FREE Shipping in Australia
Lightweight, plastic-didge.
Key: C#

Didgeridoo TOCA Curved Tribal Sun - PVC Didgeridoo TOCA Curved Tribal Sun - PVC

FREE Shipping in Australia
Lightweight, plastic-didge.
Key: D#

Didgeridoo Store | Gary Dillon Slide Didge (4703) | Buy Online Injarrah - Gary Dillon Slide Didge (4703)

FREE Shipping in Australia
Key range: see the options | Length: from 112 to 197cm

Save $900.00!

Didjeribone Plastic Didgeridoo Demo Video

The Didjeribone is an amazing Slide Didgeridoo that will open doors into your Didgeridoo playing that no other instrument ever will! We are big fans of every didgeridoo, yes, even plastic ones. Sleep Apnoea and snoring sufferers, this is your starting and possibly finishing point. These Plastic Didgeridoos are so easy to play its crazy! Forget any pre-conceptions about what a Didgeridoo is or isn't and try one of these!