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Si and Wild Marmalade Didgeridoo Music CDs

Playing "totally live" with ferocious intensity, they create inspired organic dance music, without the use of any electronic machines. Blending the ancient sounds of the didjeridoo with contemporary dance beats, their sound is a meeting of Didge Si's rhythmic didjeridu playing, combined with the explosive grooves of Matt Goodwin on drum kit.
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Wild Marmalade "Core Duo" Wild Marmalade "Thermic Lift"

Wild Marmalade Didgeridoo Music CD "Core Duo"

Wild Marmalade Didgeridoo Music CD "Thermic Lift"

Wild Marmalade are a High-Energy Organic Trance, Drum and Didj band based in Byron Bay, Australia.

The music of Wild Marmalade is organic and live - every sound you hear is made by the musicians.

Wild Marmalade create a musical intensity usually only heard from computers and synthesizers, combined with the excitement of inspired musicians being moved by the energy of an audience. Drawing on rhythms from all over the world and inspired by both indigenous sounds and the grooves of the present,Wild Marmalade's high energy shows uplift audiences with their display of powerful, joyous and infectiously danceable music.