Rippei Shinobue Japanese Flute Key Bb (Tamaki6)

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Material: Glass Fibre mixed with Bamboo saw dust

Tuning: Bb (A=442Hz) Sol-fa Scale, 6pon choshi, Uta tuning, 7 Holes
Size: 45.5cm (+/-)

What is Tamaki Shinobue?

Tamaki is New material Shinobue designed by Master Shinobue crafter Rippei, Glass Fibre body mixed with Bamboo saw dust creates strong and high quality sound Shinobue, Playability is just like Rippei Bamboo Shinobue! Great for your first Shinobue or get together with friends and play ensemble songs and even on the stage!

What is Shinobue?

Shinobue is a side blown bamboo flute from Japan. It is used at traditional festivals, Japanese Lion dance, Shrine Music, Folk music. It is the most popular Japanese Traditional Instrument.
There are many kinds of Shinobue, for example differing length, tuning, scales, number of finger holes and designs. Particular Shinobue are used in certain areas and situations.

About Rippei Shinobue
Rippei Mizuochi crafts professional Shinobues in Saitama, Japan. This Rippei Shinobue is tuned in A=442Hz with an equal temperament and adjusted octave (20 degree C. after playing to make the inside of the tube to warm). This is tuned to the sol-fa scale that is suitable in an ensemble with instruments such as piano or guitar. Rippei's Shinobues produce rich overtones which is a result of making the inside of the tube uneven taking into consideration the natural shape of each individual piece of bamboo.


When Shinobue gets dirty, wipe off the dirt with a wet cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth. You can wash with running water!

Q & A
Q: What is the difference between Uta tuning and Hayashi tuning?
A: Uta is tuned in sol-fa scale, so it's easy to play in an ensemble with Western instruments such as the piano or the guitar. Hayashi is tuned in Japanese classical scale, which is for playing traditional festival music.

Key: Bb (A=442Hz)