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Didgeridoo Breath is located at 6 Market Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
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Didgeridoo Breath

Didgeridoo Breath is a real Australian Didgeridoo Shop and Online Store, with real people, based in Fremantle, Western Australia. In our online shop, we proudly have our planet's largest selection of didgeridoos, other world musical instruments and accessories.

We are all passionate and knowledgeable didgeridoo players and are here for you. We ship everything in our online store, to any country in the world, including yours!

Didgeridoo Buyers Guide

Not sure what to look for or where to start when it comes to buying a didgeridoo?

Take a look at our online buyers guide where Benni guides you through all the different choices and steps for buying your first, second and even third didgeridoo.

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What is a Didgeridoo?

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In this video Sanshi explains some of the Didgeridoo Playing Basics, Didge History and demonstrates how a Didgeridoo is played

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Black Beeswax Replacement Mouthpiece Kit Black Replacement Mouthpiece Kit (Multi-Pack)

Didgeridoo Beeswax Replacement Re-waxing the mouthpiece on your didgeridoo has never been simpler. This kit includes 3 beeswax mouthpiece sticks. It also includes application instructions to show you step-by-step how to apply. You will have your new mouthpiece on in no time!

Breath "Ocean Breath" Didgeridoo CD Breath CD "Ocean Breath"

Breath Didgeridoo Music CD "Ocean Breath"

Medium Gloss Finish Starter Pack F Medium Gloss Finish Starter Pack F

100 - 110cm Gloss Finish Didgeridoo, "Playing the Didgeridoo" DVD Lessons, Quilt Didgeridoo Bag & Beeswax Mouthpiece Replacement Kit

Box Didgeridoo Box Didgeridoo

Lightweight, compact box didgeridoo.
Keys: B/C.

Didjeribone Slide Didgeridoo Mark III Didjeribone Slide Didgeridoo mk III

Lightweight, compact slide-didge.
Keys: low B to high G.
Includes travel bag.