About Us

The daily desire of our heart, is to exceed your expectations and to be a credit to the global community we serve. To achieve this we offer you, superior customer service, design innovation, selection diversity, quality control, business reliability and an ongoing relationship you can trust.

Service Beyond Excellence
Reliability Beyond Expectations
Selection Beyond Belief
Quality Beyond Description
Innovation Beyond Imagination
Trust Beyond Confidence

About Us - The Long Story

As Australia's ambassador to the world of everything Didgeridoo, Didgeridoo Breath desires to be a meeting hall, a home with many welcoming open and opening doors. A home for you to come and go as you please. Where you are able to look in, share, exchange, learn follow and grow. A home where one becomes many and I becomes we. A home, a meeting place, a community of passionate people  keeping all doors open for your exploration, experience, sharing and information. A home free from discrimination, elimination, accusation or criticism. 

Our home is your home, welcome, please give and take as you are able and willing, only by sharing our combined knowledge and experience will the next generation be equipped to move beyond us to the unexplored, to greater discoveries and to the realisation of our dreams.

Together we can promote and contribute to Didgeridoo players, makers and artists, from the global community to explore and adventure, sharing with us their discoveries

Together we can encourage players, makers and artists to challenge the boundaries of the past and present and open the doors to the future of the Didgeridoo.

Together we can share information and experience that will expose the joy of the ancient ceremonial beginnings, the modern global contemporary instrument it is today and the unknowns of the future possibilities!

Together we can offer the world the opportunity to play, enjoy and share in all the world of Didgeridoo has to offer.

The Beginning

After years of friendship, travel, BBQs and life Tony and Matt found themselves pondering life while sitting in Margaret River, a surf town 3 hours south of Perth Western Australia. During a weekend camping trip, while sitting around the camp fire re-waxing and playing Didgeridoo, it was decided that life was so much more than a company car and secure job. The ideal world was fashioned, we clearly remember saying imagine if we could teach people to play the didgeridoo for a living. It was two weeks later a small market stall was opened in Fremantle western Australia.

The market stall was fun but too small to sustain any one of us with any income. So we made the big decision to quit our jobs and open Didgeridoo Breath, right here at 6 Market Street Fremantle, Western Australia in July 2002. The best move we have ever made in our entire lives! We now daily teach people from all around the world to Play and Enjoy the Didgeridoo! We love it!

It was in these early days that Levi Islam joined the Didgeridoo Breath Team. What an incredible young man! Fresh from touring the globe with an Aboriginal Dace Troupe, a talented Dancer, Singer and Guitarist Levi has always been here, an integral part of Didgeridoo Breath life and growth since the beginning. Oh did I mention that we believe he is one of  (if not) the most incredible Didgeridoo players this country has ever produced!

By July 2006 we became so busy with school visits, performances, the shop, lessons, workshops and the website that we were in desperate need of more hands. But it was always going to be more than hands, it needed to be a whole person, somebody with a heart and passion for the instrument and for people, a person with integrity, loyalty and love built in. These things cannot be taught! This criteria was demanding and the standard high in the search for a third  partner. It was the biggest blessing Didgeridoo Breath has ever received when Sanshi joined the DB Crew! Since then DB has powered on, impacting more lives than ever as we continue on our quest to teach the world to play and enjoy the Didgeridoo!

Our combination, experience, contacts and passion is truly dynamic chemistry. We compliment each other, skilled in different areas, supportive and encouraging in every area. Driving, passionate, visionary and purposeful but calm, relaxed and full of fresh life. I do believe such a combination could only gather around this awesome instrument. Yes, we are truly blessed and we hope to pour this out to you wherever you may be in the world!

Combined between us we have over 100 years of Didgeridoo making, playing, sharing, teaching and selling experience. Our desire is to share this experience with you in every way we possibly can.

Our passion, thankfully extends well beyond the Didgeridoo, it would be a tragedy if we blindfolded ourselves to natural relationships the Didgeridoo has with music and the arts. In our journeys to seek the best Didgeridoos this country has to offer, we keep on meeting incredible Australian Artists, Didgeridoo makers, Performers and many other incredibly talented individuals, families and communities.

Didgeridoo Breath is built on strong and growing relationships with real people from this vast land as well as across the globe. We consider ourselves more than fortunate to be able to offer incredible varieties of Didgeridoos, Didgeridoo accessories, Music, Lesson CDs and DVDs, bags, stands as well as Aboriginal art and artifacts, African Djembes and Native American Flutes. Our range is extensive and beautiful. Our friends are amazing and beautiful! We love being personally connected to almost every maker of every product we offer you.

Our knowledge base is a constantly growing database where we continually document our experience, research, understanding and everything else we discover and continue to discover in the magnificent world of Didgeridoo.

After personally being involved with the didgeridoo for over 20 years, teaching, making and selling didgeridoos since 1989, owning and running Australia's largest, 7 day a week, specialty didgeridoo store since 2002, we have a pretty good idea on what to look out for and how to help you make your didgeridoo selection enjoyable and successful the first time!

We live here in Australia and we personally know and have met almost all of our didgeridoo makers and artists. We visit the Top End of Australia every year and have worked very hard to source the best instrument makers and reputable artists. We know that our people are doing the work and are getting paid for it. We are actively seeking to expose the didgeridoo to the world as an awesome instrument, not just an Australian souvenir.

With over 100 years combined experience teaching, making and selling didgeridoos you have truly come to the right place to learn how to play the Didgeridoo!

We run Australia's largest didgeridoo teaching school and teach thousands of people each year how to play the didgeridoo. We run weekly didgeridoo courses in our shop and also visit schools, international colleges, universities, youth centers and many more organizations in our quest to give people the opportunity to learn this incredible instrument. Through our passion for the didgeridoo we have also developed the world's most comprehensive didgeridoo lessons, a 5 disc CD series "Playing The Didgeridoo" and instructional DVD which teaches you how to play in a simple, fun and very effective method.

We open our store up to recognised Australian and international Didgeridoo performers to run concerts and teaching workshops.

Within our walls recently Artists such as Ash Dargan, OKA, Si, Ganga Giri, Gog and Dori, Lies Beijerinck, Agustina Mosca, Nathan Kaye, EmDee, Gapanbulu Yunupingu, WA-Go, William Barton, Mark Atkins, Tom Fronza, Jesse Lethbridge, William Thoren, Koji Matsumoto, Smily, Ondrej Smeykal and many others have visited us to say hi, hold a concert or run a workshop here in the store.

Between us we have had the honour of playing for private weddings, Heath Ledgers' and other private funerals, with Stevie Wonder, at conference and shopping mall openings, in schools, universities, kindergartens and just about any place you can imagine!

We are very fussy about the quality, sound and playability of our instruments. We know that as a buyer of a didgeridoo you have many options available. Whether you buy a didgeridoo from us or not, we are still very happy to offer any help we can to make your Didgeridoo future as enjoyable, memorable and fruitful as possible.

Didgeridoo Breath does not sell stuffed koalas. We put our name and reputation behind every didgeridoo, instrument and item we offer to you. Every termite hollowed eucalyptus didgeridoo is made right here in Australia. Every tree is cut within the cutting permit system enforced in the area. Every piece of artwork is hand painted by Australian aboriginal artists. We are more than just a WEB didgeridoo store, we are real people. You can come in and meet us, in person, anytime you are in Australia!

We invite you to search our knowledge base for information, or our product search for products. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions if there is something on your mind or contact us if we can help in any way.

Thank you for sharing with us in our lifes work to share the Didgeridoo with the world.

Warm Vibrations

Sanshi and Fiorino
The Didgeridoo Breath team