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Album: Tjilatjila

Date: 1995

In Tjilatjila (1995) Ethno acoustic, soft, warm, dreamy. Didgeridoo with piano, cello, violin... The first use of didj horns. "I'm wishing that the ten tracks of Tjilatjila ("steady and gentle movement"), were twice as long as this CD lives up to its name. (SGW Sing Out Magazine., Summer 2002)."

Track 1. Plateau - Didgeridoo, piano & violin. Track 2. 48 Slow Heart - Named because 48 bets per minute when Charlie played this rhythm on his longest and lowest doo..

1. Plateau
2. Shadows
3. Drifting
4. Snake
5. Wugularr
6. Ninu
7. Pinta Pinta
8. Buffalo
9. 48 Slow Heart
10. Sandy Blight Junction

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