Flute Stone Double (#FS03)

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Flute stones derive from an ancient line of instruments with roots that can be traced back to Africa, Central & South America, Papua New Guinea, China and more recently Italy with the 'Ocarina'.

These unique instruments are each hand made from clay with love and patience here in Western Australia by the travelling house-truck gypsy Kamali, as he moves up and down our pristine coastline.

This Flute stone feels beautiful & natural in the hand and carries a sweet tone. Melodies can be played with good volume and bent with ease. With this double model you will have the ability to harmonize notes together as a chord, as it has two sound holes. Amazing! It also features a beautiful and unique glazed design.

Crafted by Kamali

Each Flute Stone comes with the Intructional Booklet containing detailed key notes to many well known songs such as 'Waltzing Matilda', 'Happy Birthday', 'Starry Starry Night' 'Scarborough Fair' and also caution advices.

Please take a listen to the sound file and let us know any questions via e-mail!

Key: E
Crafted by Kamali
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