Gilly Stephenson's Australian Liquid Beeswax Polish 250ml

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A product faithfully used by the Didgeridoo Breath team, we highly recommend Gilly Stephenson's Liquid Beeswax Polish for the maintenance of your didgeridoo.

This Australian Liquid Beeswax works to nourishes your timber, protecting from dryness and enhancing its natural grain.Rich in Western Australia pure beeswax, it can be used on finished or unfinished surfaces.

The bottle contains 250 ml of Gilly Stephenson's Liquid Beeswax furniture polish.

Apply with a soft cloth and then buff.
Note: This products is NOT recommended for polishing the exterior of didges with ochre and/or earth pigments painted on the surface, as it will absorb the oil and change colour.

Gilly Stephenson's waxes and polishes are hand-made from the finest West Australian beeswax, combined with carnauba wax and other natural ingredients. None of the polishes contain silicone or toluene. Gilly Stephenson's products are design for all aspects of wood finishing, from restoration to the care of wooden products.