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If you are looking for a didgeridoo that is very easy to play, incredibly loud, ultra responsive, super strong, lightweight & great for traveling with and takes your didgeridoo playing to a new level, you are in the right place!

Why are Hemp Didgeridoos so popular?

Scroll down do see a video by Si from Wild Marmalade who talks more about how Hemp Didgeridoos are made, what is so good about them and why they're so popular!

Recent customer feedback:

"Hi Guys and greetings from the UK.
My 4th didge from you this year and as usual, the service was faultless: from Sanshi's answer to my query on my latest purchase (Hemp Didgeridoo) to the speed with which it, and all the others, arrived. Just brillant!

I have been waiting nearly 18 months to find a hemp didge after being lucky enough to play one of Si Mullumby's at a UK workshop he ran. As soon as I saw them on your site I just had to have one as they are like hen's teeth (rare!). As usual, your site made it easy to choose the right one for me with clear photos and your trademark "clear as day " sound sample.

Dropped to me at 11am by DHL, i cant stop playing it. WOWEEEE! This is truly an amazing didge and it will sit happily with my Stix and Jesse Lethbridge didges. It is ultra responsive, the vocals are crystal clear, volume and clarity are second to none and the toot...wow, the toot! Awesome guys just awesome. I am so pleased. Thanks again for uniting me with my this didge.


-Rob, UK (July 2010)
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