Large Karim Salem Didgeridoo (8158)

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Natural Timber
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About this didgeridoo:

This Didgeridoo is made from several different species of locally seasoned and kiln dried hardwood including blue gum, Rose gum and Black Butt (all species of Australian eucalyptus). The outside is coated with 3 layers of satin varnish. The inside has been sealed with 1 layer of varnish. . It has also been worked on the inside to improve the sound, so you can be assured, it plays and sounds great! Have a listen to the sound sample so you see for yourself.

About the maker:
Karim Salem

My name Karim Salem. Iʼm am the founder of Salem Instrument. A new venture driven by my passion of instrument making. One of the instruments I make is the didgeridoo.

Since the very first time I heard the sound of the didgeridoo I developed an interest in the sound, the skill to make them and the land it comes from. I felt drawn to the culture and the spirit of the land.

Here is a little bit of my history as a didge player and maker.

I started playing didgeridoo (yidaki) in my motherland Belgium in 1997. I was 17 at the time. Having 22 years of experience with didgeridoo playing and making I feel confident to say that Iʼm proud of the quality and tonal resonance of the didges I make.

At the age of 19 I made the decision to venture to Australia and learned how to make the didgeridoo. I did a 2 year unofficial apprenticeship with Heartland didgeridoos in Bellingen NSW from 2008-2010. At the start of this year (2022) I finally decided to make my own style didgeridoos. Iʼm not the first to join wood together to make didgeridoos but I believe I am the first to make them out of more than two pieces. The most pieces Iʼve joined together so far is 8 pieces which allowed me to play with the different colours and tones Australian Eucalypts have to offer. I love the patterns it makes and Iʼm very excited to keep discovering new ways to make Yidaki.

Iʼm so very proud to have one of my didgeridoos for sale at Didgeridoo Breath!

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