Large Natural Finish Starter Pack G

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Click play on the video above and Benny will teach you everything you need to know about buying your first didgeridoo. Click here for the full didgeridoo buyers guide.

So you want to learn how to play the didgeridoo?
Not sure which one to get?
Congratulations, you're in the right place!

The Didgeridoo Breath team is proudly the world's biggest didgeridoo lesson provider, teaching thousands of people how to play each year.

Even better news, we are specialists in finding the perfect didgeridoos for our customers. We can hand pick one for you! We know what to look for and within each didgeridoo range, we can hand pick a didgeridoo for you that is easy to play, uses little air, has a clear drone, is well balanced with good backpressure and will fast-track your didgeridoo playing!

What this Didgeridoo Starter Pack Includes:

1 x Large Natural Finish Eucalyptus Didgeridoo - hand selected and ideal for learning (Length approx 118-130cm / 50-56inches)
1 x Learn How To Play Didgeridoo - Didgeridoo Dojo Beginner Session Online Access - the world's greatest didgeridoo lessons which will teach you everything you need to know to get started
1 x Large Quilt Didgeridoo Bag
1 x Replacement Mouthpiece Kit

Please note that the didgeridoo pictured above is an example only. The didgeridoo we hand select for you will be very similar, however as every didgeridoo is hand-made and completely unique, the didgeridoo shape and colour may vary slightly.

Is this the right Didgeridoo Starter Pack for me?

Didgeridoo Starter Pack Buyers Guide

All didgeridoos in our Didgeridoo Starter Packs are made from termite hollowed Eucalyptus trees from the Northern Territory, Australia. They are sealed inside and out for the highest sound quality and durability in all climates around the world.

In selecting a Didgeridoo Starter Pack there are 2 things to consider:

1. Length

The length affects the pitch of the didgeridoo. What sound do you prefer? That's the size to go for.

Medium: Medium sized didgeridoos range from around 100cm - 115cm (40 - 46inches). Being a little shorter than full sized didgeridoos, they have a slightly higher pitch (Key: E - F). Have a listen to the sound sample of a medium didgeridoo below.

Large: Large didgeridoos are "full-sized" didgeridoos that range from 118cm - 130cm (50 - 56inches). Larger didgeridoos have a deeper tone (key C - E). Have a listen to the sound sample of a large didgeridoo below.

2. Finish

What to you prefer your didgeridoo to look like?

Now this is a personal choice. Some people prefer the natural timber look. Below are the 2 finishes that you can choose from:

Natural Finish: A basic sealed finish that shows the unique eucalyptus timber.

Gloss Finish: A more refined gloss/shiny finish that brings out the deep, rich colours in the timber grain

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  • 5

    Posted by AMANDA QUINANE on 19th Nov 2021

    We were provided excellent service for the purchase of our didgeridoo. They are exceptionally helpful and the product was awesome.

  • 5
    Excellent service

    Posted by Michael Macdougall on 6th Jun 2021

    Thank you for the fast delivery and service. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have bought my didgeridoo from didgeridoobreath. You guys rock 🤘

  • 5
    Great service

    Posted by eugene ramsay on 24th Mar 2021

    Great service . Fast delivery. Thanks !

  • 5
    Bought a didg

    Posted by David Tomas Rodellas on 16th Feb 2021

    All good. Good service and good information if you’re beginner

  • 5
    Everything I needed, excellent quality

    Posted by Joshua Cragun on 6th Jan 2021

    Save for some shipping difficulties (not much can be done about that), I got everything I could have asked for as a beginner out in the middle of nowhere. Seriously excellent quality-- they don't short you out. Very much worth the price if you're seriously interested in playing one as a hobby.

  • 5
    Large Natural Finish Starter Pack G

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2020

    Prompt shipment and delivery as promised! I would/will make a purchase again. The included Dojo lessons are great!

  • 5

    Posted by Ethan Like on 21st Mar 2019

    I've played on a small fiberglass didgeridoo for a few years, I took the plunge and bought a large, natural didgeridoo. First off the look is just amazing, It has a very nice heft to it and it plays beautifully. Sanshi was great in making sure I got my order all the way in Michigan in the USA. I can't tell you how truly happy I am that I went with didgeridoo breath and i will always be grateful to these great guys for getting me what I really wanted. Thank You Ethan Like

  • 5
    Awesome Didgeridoo Package

    Posted by barbara j nagle on 9th Dec 2018

    I could not wait for my Didgeridoo to arrive! I was so excited when it finally came to Mass. all the way from across the world! It's perfect, quite heavy and study and it sounds like like I wanted it to. the lessons are the best. Sanshi is a wonderful Didgeridoo teacher. thank you Barbara

  • 5
    Great starter didge!

    Posted by chris Beckers on 9th Sep 2018

    This was a great starter didge, along with the very concise tutorial with Sanshi, I was able to pick up circular breath in 3 days. I have purchased a couple more didges from them and they are amazing, best quality. delivered fast. Customer service is tops.... good responses and advice. I will be a customer for life.

  • 5
    Great Service

    Posted by Zakary Fry on 24th Aug 2018

    Delivery time and product quality is great to say the least. Absolutely love the beginner lessons by Sanshi as included in the Starter packs. Cheers man.

  • 5
    Really Nice

    Posted by DAN SCHWARTZ on 12th Jul 2018

    The carry case was well made and the Didge is way nice

  • 5
    wonderful Company

    Posted by diana Zanon on 23rd May 2018

    We recently wanted to send a gift of a didgeridoo to our nephew in Italy. Looked online and found DidgeridooBreath which was the best site online by far. We ordered online and had a phone call from Sanshi explaining what would happen We ordered on Tuesday and it arrived at our nephew's house on friday same week .Sahshi also threw in free online lessons and tickets to a music festival in Italy. This is the best company

  • 4
    Great didge , finish is a letdown

    Posted by James Becker on 18th Apr 2018

    Love the sound but don’t like the finish. It’s more like halfway finished.

  • 4

    Posted by Noel Stevens on 1st Apr 2018

    I Received my didge 3 Weeks after I ordered having to make two phone calls asking about it,also I feel your online lessons have to much talking about yourselves not enough lesson's in which they only go for a very short time ,I also sent you a Email asking what a Large Natural Finish Starter pack G is and I still have not Herd I think you are more about selling your product than helping the Learner as I was looking forward to learning how to play my didge, now I am going on Youtube to learn I don't feel I should being buying more lessons from you as I think you should have supplied enough to get startedproperly,then if you want to progress further you can buy more

  • 5
    Top service!!!!

    Posted by Rico Puschmann on 22nd Feb 2018

    It took me a little to answer but here it comes. I was flattened how quick something can hit my doorstep sent from the other side of the world. And I am already in love with this hollowed piece of wood. As well the instructions of Sanshi are very helpful. A drone and different other sounds i can play already. As i learned how to play the trumpet the breathing using the diaphragm is not new to me. The only problem I have is to get a drone like sound when pushing the air out the cheeks whilst breathing in through the nose. It keeps sounding not pleasant understanding the theory of losen the lips and so on. Will keep on it and i am sure it will work one day. All in all I am very happy with you and I will always recommend Didgeridoobreath. It is good to see people passionately creating a service like you do. Keep on it and all the best....

  • 5

    Posted by Lisette Costanzo on 2nd Dec 2017

    Excellent communication! Always thorough in answering my questions! Fast shipping! Fantastic Didgeridoo with a great sound - I absolutely LOVE it!. Care was taken when selecting my didgeridoo to my specifications. The DVD is helpful and fun, and I started getting REALLY good sounds the first time I played my didgeridoo with the video. The website is helpful and all of the videos there are great too. I would totally buy from this company again!! :-D

  • 5

    Posted by Carroline Clarkson on 8th May 2017

    Wonderful Starter pack, exactly as advertised . I felt it was better to buy a didgeridoo from its indigenous roots of Australia , even though I live many continents away in the wilderness of British Columbia Canada, it was well worth it and I am totally stoked. The service and mailing is AAA and comes with much care and attention. I highly recommend Didgeridoo Breath and as an added bonus the love is awesome, wicked.

  • 5

    Posted by Glynn Dunbar on 15th Sep 2016

    really like the didge, and the professional way everything was done?could not believe I received it so quickly. Your website is great, and the information nicely presented. so?thanks from Arizona!

  • 5
    My purchase

    Posted by George Sellyeh on 10th Aug 2016

    Great item. Fun to play. Excellent service both on line and over the phone and excellent on line lessons. 5 days to deliver to Canada. I would recommend this site anytime.

  • 4
    Starting something new always is great !!

    Posted by Baptiste Sandere on 22nd Jul 2016

    Happy to open a Didgeridoo chapter for my journey!! Vibration are very helpful for my well being!! Back to Human Roots !

  • 5
    Product: Large Natural Finish Starter Pack G

    Posted by Ian Chadderton on 13th Jul 2016

    received the didgeroo well packed and presented,Viewed the first part of the DVD but have realised I will need to strengthen my breathing patterns.Taking singing lessons next Feb so that should help.Will look at the online lessons in the coming weeks.But i am excited about the future.

  • 5
    first time buyer and wont be my last!

    Posted by jesse turner on 6th Feb 2016

    ive never really played instruments before and never had owned one for myself. until now i hadnt taken them time to really appreciate them for what they are and the rich history and culture before it. And so appeared didgeridoo breath! I enjoyed my whole experience from watching the buyers guides to browsing the amazing pieces of art up for grabs. I bought the Large Natural Finish Starter Pack G. I busted it out of the box with a massive grin on my face and admired my very first instrument i could call my own. the dvd broke it down to its most basic aspect so i could pick up and play almost instantly. its been a couple weeks now and im playing it everyday, even starting to develop my circular breathing! my confidence and self expression has been majorly boosted. i thank you deeply for your service and appreciate your passion towards this instrument and the artists who create them. I look forward to my next purchase. wholeness and balanced vibrations to you all.

  • 5
    Didge lovin in Texas

    Posted by Ruston Harrell on 15th Nov 2015

    Man love this thing! If you want a top notch didge there's only one place to go didgeridoo breath. The staff are one of a kind all around awesome; the service has no equal and that my friends is the word of a Texan.

  • 5

    Posted by Benoit on 31st Jul 2014

    What to write that is not in other reviews? Well i find nothing, the pack is great from a to z: beautiful natural didge that give great vibes, even played by the beginner that i am :) ; the bag is very well made, i'm sure it will protect the instrument flawlessly and the dvd is an incredible help to start. That is for the product part. I'd like also to "review" the crew, very friendly , easy and smooth communication, you can feel the didgeridoo passion :) So 5 stars to you guys and thank you very much! Goods vibes from Belgium!

  • 5
    Package was perfect

    Posted by Danielle Lavette on 15th Dec 2012

    The package is a great deal. The DVD was a lot of fun no matter what age you are, you will laugh and learn a lot as a beginner. The didge that came with the package was absolutely beautiful in the most natural, simplistic way and it was very easy to play.It is comforting to know I have extra mouthpieces should something happen to the one that comes on the didge. Great package, great website, great people, great vibes.