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Didgeridoo Dojo is THE MOST Comprehensive "Learn How to Play Didgeridoo" Resource on the Planet!

So many didgeridoo players and beginners struggle because of lack of access to good quality training and in-person lessons. This is especially true for people outside of Australia.

To solve this problem we built the Didgeridoo Dojo, an online platform that allows anyone to learn the didgeridoo no matter where they are.

The goal of Didge Dojo is to provide the closest thing to a one on one experience as possible. We've used our thousands of hours of experience in teaching the didgeridoo in-person, to create a structure that makes learning the didgeridoo fast, easy and most importantly, FUN!

With comprehensive video lessons ranging from beginner techniques like making the drone sound and circular breathing to advanced techniques like didgeridoo beatboxing presented by the hilarious Nathan Kaye, Didgeridoo Dojo has something for everyone!

The Beginner Sessions Series...

Our beginner lesson series will put you on the fast-track to becoming a didgeridoo player and will have you sounding fantastic in no time at all.

Think of our didgeridoo lessons as your own private one-on-one class. One of us, with you, sitting down, learning a new didgeridoo technique. What's included: The beginner lesson set covers everything you need to know to start playing the didge at the entry level.

The topics we cover include:

1. Getting you familiar with the didgeridoo, positioning of the didge when you play and how a didgeridoo actually works!

2. Consistently making the didgeridoo sound know as the didgeridoo drone or drone sound

3. Circular breathing on the didgeridoo which is the key to playing the didgeridoo continuously without breaking the sound

4. Basic didgeridoo sound variations or didgeridoo vocals 5. Some diaphragm and breathing techniques to varying your didgeridoo sound and play louder and quieter

5. Some diaphragm and breathing techniques to varying your didgeridoo sound and play louder and quieter

6. We introduce you to didgeridoo rhythms and give you some easy to learn rhythms perfect for impressing your family and friends with your playing

7. And finally some bonus intermediate and advanced lessons to give you a taste of what that next level of playing feels like! We know you will enjoy your didge journey!

Buy now and get immediate access...
Our Beginner Sessions are a completely online experience. Once you complete the checkout process you'll receive an email with your unique code to setup your Didgeridoo Dojo account. All you need to do is follow the instructions in that email and you'll be up and running right away!
Didgeridoo Dojo Beginner Sessions Online Access
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    About Didgeridoo Online Lessons

    Posted by Alejandra Perdomo on 20th Apr 2018

    INCREDIBLE the way Sanshi explains the first steps, his communication style is excellent, maintaining explanations simple and short, allowing to feel that playing this instrument is possible if I practise enough. His speed to talk is also awesome. I would love to have him in person to progress where I'm stuck now... He asked me to send a video, buuuuut I feel embarased with my level, so I've been trying to practise more.