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This is the 2nd CD in the “Playing the Didgeridoo” series.

Now that you can play… its time to groove away! We will clearly explain and play 14 exciting new rhythms for you to practice along with. For the added challenge each rhythm has also been played at a faster tempo. This CD will get you grooving to new rhythms in no time! The booklet includes an outline of the rhythms covered, and the CD ends with an inspiring didgeridoo track.

What will this CD teach me?
If you can play the drone, circular breathe and have some of the basics under your belt, this CD will show you how to tie it all together and play didgeridoo rhythms. It is brilliant at strengthening your circular breathing technique and gets you in great shape to tackle some more challenging didge playing.

What does the Didgeridoo Breath team think?
After checking out hundreds of different didgeridoo lesson CD’s, DVD’s, websites & books for sale around the world, we can confidently say the “Playing The Didgeridoo” series is the most cutting edge, easy to follow, high quality didgeridoo lessons we have come across. It is by far the best way to learn how to play the didgeridoo, from the beginner to the performer. We recommend it highly!

Track List:
1. Introduction
2 & 3. Rhythm 1
4 & 5. Rhythm 2
6 & 7. Rhythm 3
8 & 9. Rhythm 4
10 & 11. Rhythm 5
12 & 13. Rhythm 6
14 & 15. Rhythm 7
16 & 17. Rhythm 8
18 & 19. Rhythm 9
20 & 21. Rhythm 10
22 & 23. Rhythm 11
24 & 25. Rhythm 12
26 & 27. Rhythm 13
28 & 29. Rhythm 14
30. Practice track - 90bpm
31. Practice Track - 120bpm
32. Congratulations
33. My Daughter's Wedding Day

Didgeridoo Lessons & How to Play Didgeridoo Download

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  • 5
    Playing the Digeridoo CD series 1-5

    Posted by shane Van Erp on 10th Jul 2018

    Amazing a must have , if your on a budget or want a stand alone lesson kit this is it.

  • 5
    Pure Brilliance

    Posted by JONATHAN BOWLER on 12th May 2016

    I'm now part of the Didgeridoo Breath Team and SO can you.!! Informative step by step instructions on how to play Rhythms-vocals-tongue techniques, bounce breathing and loads more. These cd's will have you playing in no time.!! Absolutely love the series and Im so glad to be part of the team.! 😁 These guys here at Didgeridoo Breath make you feel welcome fast friendly service and if you encounter an issue get in touch as theyrespond in know time. I own a few didges but my next one will be From this amazing company U WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED 😁

  • 5
    didge tutoring, web sited and shop

    Posted by neal buckland on 11th May 2015

    awesome is like university for didge.carrying on with your further cds. would like to keep following and learning but also socially to. looks land sounds like you have a great environment.

  • 5
    Just what i needed!

    Posted by Michael Jedrzejczak on 15th Apr 2015

    This is perfect to work through at your own pace and go over and over again until you become familiar with each rhythm. I loaded it onto my ipod and practise in my lunch break at work. Nearly ready for #3.

  • 5
    Store and Dojo

    Posted by Robert Montgomery on 25th Mar 2013

    Store was great. No pressure from the staff what-so-ever and when I had questions the Staff was great about answering them. This is precisely the type of atmosphere I like to purchase an instrument in. Left alone to experiment but available for questions. The Dojo takes the store experience to a whole new level - the layout and ease of use is perfect. The lessons are in bite sized portions and Sanshi reigns supreme in his ability to teach - and always with the same good nature that made him a pleasure to deal with in the store. The Dojo will truly revolutionize the didgeridoo as its mysteries are now available to all who have an interest (and an internet connection.)

  • 5
    Tony Colley cd 2 downlod

    Posted by Pete Jackson on 27th Jan 2013

    I found this cd good to practice playing along side the Dojo lessons. Once downloaded it was easy to add to itunes library and use on my ipod or BlackBerry. Several progressive themes to play at two different speeds as well as a couple of rhythm tracks to help develop your own music.

  • 4
    Number of rhytms

    Posted by Ali Ethem Keskin on 22nd Dec 2012

    The CD is ok. I would prefer to practice more rhythms. I had to go on the Internet to find more rhthms.