Snakeskin XLarge Oilskin Didgeridoo Bag - Dark (No Snake)

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This SNAKESKINS Oilskin Didgeridoo Bag is the essential "must have" for your all didgeridoo owners.
Suitable for didgeridoo length up to 157cm
Suitable for didgeridoo bell diameter up to 10cm
This Snakeskins Oilskin Bag features
Oilskin Shell, full length inside quilt padding, treated thread, reinforced stitching, flat bottom, drawstring top and sturdy black webbing shoulder carry strap.

Hand made in Western Australia, this bag features the finest grade famous Australian "Oilskin" outer shell.
Snakeskins "Oilskin" is a densely woven Australian 100% waxed cotton, it is; Waterproof and windproof, rot resistant, feels dry and breathes from the inside to let and keep your didgeridoo dry,

We all use snakeskins bags for our personal didgeridoos. They are safe, strong, sturdy, meticulously crafted and beautifully presented. Buy once and buy right, Snakeskins. Get yours now!
Snakeskin Large Oilskin Didgeridoo Bag - Dark (No Snake)