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Breath Trio

Anne Norman - Shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute)

Sanshi - Didgeridoo

Reo Matsumoto - Mouth Percussion

Breath plays music rooted in the moment: Intuitive music-making that builds evocative soundscapes and then bursts into rhythms that makes you want to get up and dance. Combining the haunting and meditative sounds of Shakuhachi with the mesmeric and pulsing drone of the Didge and the playful soundscapes of Reos mouth and breath.

Crme de la crme fusion Melbourne Didgeridoo Festival

The highlight of the festival, absolutely international class. BREATH is one of the most important groups on the Australian music scene. A remarkable combination of traditional Australian and Japanese instruments and post-modern beat boxing. Collectively they leave audiences gasping Leila Gurruwiwi of the Galpu Clan was utterly blown away by this innovative combination. Dean Frenkel, Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival organizer.

These three players bring an incredible combination of talent, sounds and colours : Anne conjures melodies that sing through the Shakuhachi, inspired by the time and place and the sounds offered by her musical partners; Sanshi plays Didgeridoo with a power and creative flare that combines rhythms of Arnhemland with street tribal; Reo simply astounds with what he is able to create with his mouth. There is a synthesizer and drum-kit hiding in there somewhere!

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Track list:

1. Tidal Drift
2. Coastal Track
3. Through the Mist
4. Osprey Island
5. Sacred!
6. Deep urquoise, white wake
7. Tears of Pearl
8. Journey Dreaming
9. Ocean Breath
10. Skittering Sandpipers
11. Rain Dance on the Ocean
12. Sealions at play
13. If Stromatolites Could Talk...
14. Bareback on the beach
15. Eroded landscape
16. Bodhisattva Blessing

1. Tidal Drift 波に漂う (G shakuhachi, G didgeridoo, beatbox) 5:45

Swimming in the ocean
currents pull my body
sometimes frightening
always invigorating


2. Coastal Track ガタガタ道 (D didgeridoo, beatbox) 1:30

bouncing along a corrugated track
in a rusty old vehicle
sun beating down on my arm
I breathe the Ocean in


3. Through the Mist 朝靄につつまれて (B didgeridoo, B shakuhachi) 2:58

Early morning mist muffles the sea,
shrouding ships lying offshore.


4. Osprey Island ミサゴの住む島 (D shakuhachi, D didgeridoo) 4:16

Atop a rocky islet
the first rays of sun touch a large nest of driftwood.
A pair of osprey circle below,
snatching fish in their talons.


5. Sacred! セイクリッド! (G didge, beatbox, G shakuhachi) 4:12

Many aboriginal elders want their sacred land left undisturbed, yet Australian uranium fuels nuclear reactors in Japan. The environment and livelihood of Japanese seaweed farmers and local fishermen are threatened, and children in Fukushima struggle with fears of an uncertain future. Let us return to the sacred; not the scarred, not the scared.

ぽちがなく 裏の畑で ウラニウム
かねがほしけりゃ ここほれわんわん


6. Deep turquoise, white wake 白い航跡 (B shakuhachi, B didge) 3:15

gazing at the wake
behind our small fishing boat
just grandad and me

航跡 に

7. Tears of Pearl 真珠の涙 (Ab bell, Ab shakuhachi) 4:33

Giant pearls and their exquisite shells are harvested in the turquoise waters off Broome in North West Australia. From the late 19th century through to World War II Broomes most celebrated deep-sea divers were Japanese. Over 900 Japanese headstones stand testament to the dangers of the pursuit of these ocean treasures.


8. The Sea that Connects ご縁 (C fipple flute, Ab bell, C didge, chant, beatbox) 6:17

Some view the sea as that which separates, but for centuries ocean wind and currents have borne many to meet on distant shores.


9. Ocean Breath オーシャンブレス (B didgeridoo, beatbox, D shakuhachi) 6:35

vast white dune
wide blue sky
shifting sands
ocean breath


10. Skittering Sandpipers ちょこまか (beatbox, B shakuhachi) 1:32

As the tide retreats, sandpipers and other waders probe the wet sand, feeding on worms, small shellfish and crustaceans. In the dying light of the sun, their thin legs are reflected in the shallows.


11. Rain Dance on the Ocean 雨踊る海面 (beatbox) 1:40

At sunset, heavy rain dances on the ocean.
A corroboree of waters.


12. Sealions at play 海驢 (D shakuhachi, G didgeridoo) 2:55

At the base of a tiny island, a colony of sealions sun themselves on rocks. In the waves, young cubs dive and tumble over one another in endless play.


13. If Stromatolites Could Talk もしもストロマトライトが話せたら
Stromatolites Stromatolites Stromatolites Stromatolites (beatbox, B didgeridoo) 1:25

Stromatolites are ancient living rocks, sedimentary domes cemented by cyanobacteria. Sitting in communal clusters in shallow waters for the last 3.5 billion years, they produce oxygen through photosynthesis giving us BREATH!


14. Bareback on the beach 裸馬に乗って (D didge, beatbox, D shakuhachi) 3:59

A horse canters by the waters edge, its mane flying in the sea breeze. Half submerged by breaking waves, a man on his horse is cast in bronze. Charles OConnor (1843-1902) designed the Goldfields Pipeline, pumping reservoir water from Perth far inland to desert mining communities. Just before the completion of the worlds longest fresh water pipeline, OConnor could no longer stand public criticism of his expensive pipe dream. With gun in hand, he rode his horse to an isolated beach, galloping into the Indian Ocean, and shot himself.

一頭の馬がゆるい駆け足で海のへりを走る。海風に揺られ鬣がなびく。荒れた波が足を水中に沈めた。馬に乗る男は、 チャールズ・オコナー (1843-1902)で、金鉱地と町のパイプラインを繋ぎ、貯水場から水をオーストラリア奥地の砂漠地帯にある採鉱コミュニティーまで流す役割を成し遂げる人だった。しかしまだ世界で最も長い距離、新鮮な水を届けるパイプラインが完成する前のこと、痛烈な民衆の批判がオコナーを襲った。莫大な費用がかかる無謀な夢という内容の批判だった。彼は長い間それにうちこたえることが難しかった。コナーは銃を手に持ち、彼の馬に股がり人里離れた海辺へと出た。インド洋の海の中へと疾走していった。静かな海へと還った。

15. Eroded landscape ピナクルズ (G whirlies, G shakuhachi, G didge) 5:05

Dramatic cliffs, long sandy beaches and exposed coral reefs fringe the ancient coastline. Shells broken down into white lime sands blow inland forming high mobile dunes. Eerily shaped stone pinnacles dot a sandy plain. A landscape forever changing.


16. Bodhisattva Blessing 菩薩 (Eb bell, chant, Ab shakuhachi) 5:27

A breath based meditation incorporating a Buddhist mantra known as the 13 bodhisattvas the enlightened ones, offering a prayer of healing.


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Breath Trio: Anne Norman - Shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute): Sanshi - Didgeridoo: Reo Matsumoto - Mouth Percussion