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Didgeridoo and Yidaki meets flutes, sax, diafonic sing, jaws harp, ethnic guitars and electronics.

Gianni has been playing the didjeridoo for thirteen years and he has followed the project Ab-Origine for at least three years, working on the body, the breath and the rhythm. The thread conductor of this work and what has impassioned him, they have been the questions: Where is the rhythm born? What is the origin of this breath? Why to a heartbeat another follows of it? What's it hidden in the abyss of the silence? This strange fruit that is matured and that the pleasure he has to make you taste it, is “Ab-Origine”. A strange, powerful and mysterious fruit. A work on the languages rare in it kind. But above all a work on the man, on his emotions and on their meaning.

To such end, this work uses more some collaboration musicians: the afro percussionist Cico Rossi, the virtuoso multi instrumentalist Vladiswar Nadishana (jaws harp and harmonic flute), the gregorian singer Federica Di Leonardo, the theremin player Valerio Cané, the saxophonist Ivan Valentini, the electronic sound effects of Enrico Marani, the drum machine, cumbus and cavaquinho ethnic guitars of Nico Canzoniero. Obviously, the didjeridoo and the shakuhachi flute played by Gianni!!

1. Primo canto
2. Ab origine
3. Leaving home
4. Più semplice
5. Cantandosi
6. Ab origine reprise
7. Kshanti
8. Cercando le tracce
9. 16.43
10. Randori
11. Daimon
12. Reset
13. Nuovo giorno
14. Backing home

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