Mobile Didgeridoo Lesson

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With "Mobile" didgeridoo lesson option we will come to your venue to teach you how to play the Didgeridoo. This option is perfect for schools, conferences, workshops, and events. Max Number of student is 30. We will provide each student with a plastic didgeridoo so they can have a lot of fun.

If there are more than 30 people, we suggest to split the group in two and book two hours or just do 30 minutes each group.

We will also cover a bit of didgeridoo history so that students can understand from where it comes from and the story behind the iconic Aboriginal instrument.

Before buying the lesson, please write us an email at [email protected] or call us at 0488007485 to book our visit depending on ours and yours work commitments.

Here Some information we will cover during the lesson

-Didgeridoo History
-How to produce the basic drone(didgeridoo sound)
-How to imitate animals calls
-introduction of the circular breathing which is used from the didgeridoo player to keep the sound going on while breathing.
-lot of fun

This price is for Perth area. For other places please send us an email([email protected]) specifying the place.


1 Hour Group Didgeridoo Lesson at your venue (price is for Perth area)
Suitable for school or groups up to 25 peoples