4 Hours Private Didgeridoo Lesson

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4 x 1hr didgeridoo lessons.
So! you want to learn how to play the didgeridoo? Or you want to step forward? Do you feel stuck and you have the feeling you are not improving your skills? Or surprise someone with a unique experience gift?

This is one on one private lessons so, you can ask anything you'd like to learn and we'll teach you how to achieve your goal. Can suite beginners, intermediate or advanced players. If your are keen to learn or to step forward this "4 x 1hour lesson pack" is for you.

Please write us an email at [email protected] or call us at 0488007485 to book your first lesson. Time and frequency is flexible!
Please print out the order Invoice and bring to the lesson day!

For Beginners:
In 4 weeks we will have you making the drone, adding awesome animal sounds, and building soundscapes to make some incredible sounds and basic rhythms. That's not all! We will also teach you how to circular breathe which will allow you to play continuously! We provide a didgeridoo for you to use for the duration of the lesson or you are welcome to bring your own.

For Intermediate players:
Expanding your soundscapes, rhythm practices and breathing techniques! Double and Triple tonguing, Bounce breath, complicated rhythm structures! Broadening your horizons!
Also some asks how to do this sound from YouTube etc! Bring it on!

For Advanced players:
Once you are loaded with gifted sounds and techniques, what's next? You might be offered to perform at home party gigs or even the Opera house (or it might be in Bollywood!?)
We can advise you how to collaborate with other instruments, how to mic your didge, what mic to use? Or it could be perfecting your techniques from harmonic soundscapes to Beatboxing didge styles!
We can provide professional advise for your didge journey! The skies the limit!!

4 Hours Private Didgeridoo Lesson at Didgeridoo Breath in Bibra Lake (near Perth)