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Ash's latest CD release "Stories of Wind". Stories of Wind is a superb blend of two of the worlds oldest wind instruments, the Native American flute, and the Australian didgeridoo. A quality production, upbeat CD that is a must for your CD collection.
Ash Dargan’s music represents the living spirit of his homeland, the Northern Territory of Australia, and the many multi-cultural peoples living there today. Experiences of sacred places, time spent with elders and interactions with the environment are related through his music as stories.

The ethnic wind instruments from around the globe used in Ash’s music are in themselves story telling devices. These instruments have been used in cultures throughout the ages to bring stories of creation and the spiritual realms alive for initiates. New stories are woven every day and we each hold a strand to their completion.

May the telling of these stories bring peace and understanding to our world.
1. Baiame
2. Free Air
3. Winjinju
4. Shinto
5. Yandaway
6. After Dusk
7. Wirruna
8. Rain Callers
9. the Four Winds
10. Running Wild

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