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1. Another time and place
2. 3D didgeridoo trio
3. Soundscape in C#
4. Get up and didgeri do it!
5. Didj Cacophony
6. Currents
7. Droning groove
8. Country didjin'
9. Didgeri duo in F
10. Mixing it up
11. Walkabout in America
12. Over flight
13. Triangle walkabout
14. Didgeridoo fest

About John Groves:
John Groves Didgeridoo
John Groves, American didgeridoo musician, teacher and seller since 1997.

Resides in the Seattle, Washington area and is active as a teacher, performer and seller of didgeridoos. He has performed many private functions and public events such as school presentations, Bank of America Down Under Tour, National Music Museum, Talk 107 Radio in Edinburgh, Scotland and many other appearances.

Mr. Groves is available for private lessons, workshops and performances. His studies in didgeridoo have included time in Arnhem Land, NT, Australia with master makers and players of yidaki and didgeridoo from around Australia as well as other related field experiences.

John earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Central Washington University with studies in music
performance, music education and ethnomusicology.

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