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John Thorpe lives in the U.K. John has been playing didgeridoo for around 11 years, and in more recent times focused more energy into performing at UK festivals, including the "International Didgeridoo Music Festival"

John is also a didgeridoo crafter and teacher.

"Tukka Dawn" is a wonderful mix of contemporary didgeridoo, upbeat & percussive, blended with drums, acoustic stomp, shaker, slapsticks, mouth harp and vocals.
Track Listing:

1. Moonlight groove

2. Water of life

3. Horizon dawn

4. Awaken

5. Didge trance

6. Dust and dirt

7. Journey

8. Wild wood

9. Interlude - tea with the queen

10. Sundance

11. Funky feet

12. Elastic breath

13. Primal vibe

14. The chase

15. Take a back seat

16. Didgina

Bonus tracks

17. Dwonda (live from rhythm tree festival)

18. Dog & Doodah (truro tunnel)

Move in tune with the rhythms of life.

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