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John Thorpe lives in the U.K. John has been playing didgeridoo for around 11 years, and in more recent times focused more energy into performing at UK festivals, including the "International Didgeridoo Music Festival"

John is also a didgeridoo crafter and teacher.

"Off The Cuff" is John's latest album. All instruments are played by John.
Track Listing:

1. Silver Birch F#

2. Journey F#

3. Awahdee Eb didge solo

4. Didge Dance F#

5. Reflex Eb didge solo

6. Firebird F# didge solo

7. Tukka Dawn F#

8. Into The Groove Eb

9. Entranced F#

10. Universal Eb didge solo

11. Spirited F#

12. On The Edge D didge solo

13. Pulsating Breath D didge solo

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