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Track Listing:

1. The Strand 04:12

2. Impulse 07:09

3. Jongo Bongo 05:29

4. The Wave 03:44

5. Submerged 03:48

6. There's a Squirrel in my Shoe 04:34

7. Barbican Blues 05:09

8. Vortex 04:56

9. Doodah 03:09

10. Millhouse Groove 03:08

11. Didge Beat 03:39

Info about album:

Gul Rock is an album full of upbeat lively didgeridoo with foot stomping rhythms, drums, mouth

harp and other percussion. John Thorpe uses his own hand crafted sticks and stomp boxes on

this album, creating quite uplifting music.

John's sound is inspired by the north Cornish coast in the UK, and some of the tracks are

associated with the sea or a particular place such as The Strand (Trebarwith Strand Beach) -

some live tracks being recorded at The Millhouse Inn, close to Trebarwith Strand. Barbican

Blues is a full on, powerful, earth beat track, which is quite dancey and was recorded in the

Blues Bar at the Barbican, Plymouth..

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